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Solar Ovens: Next Gen Grilling

Looking to trade in your grill for a greener model? It may not be a bad idea. Charcoal grills, in particular, come with a pretty hefty carbon footprint. Burning those briquettes lets off tons of fumes, heat and smoke. And while gas grills boast better efficiency rates than charcoal burners, they also rely on fossil... Continue Reading

Solar Panel Buying Guide

Introduction to Solar Energy Systems Although only .04 percent of energy in the United States is generated from renewable solar energy sources, the use of solar energy to power residential homes is steadily growing in popularity. Through the use of solar energy, homeowners are able to reduce the average cost of the energy used in their... Continue Reading

Solar Inverters

So, like us, you find solar panel technology fascinating—but you still have some questions about how it all works exactly. After all, once the sunlight is absorbed, how does it actually convert to electricity? It’s pretty simple, actually. Solar panels produce vast amounts of electricity—but none of it would be very useful to the average American without... Continue Reading

Solar Water Heater Installation Process

Thank goodness for hot water heaters. They’re our key to the simple pleasures we sometimes take for granted, like hot showers and baths, and even running the dishwasher. Unfortunately, it takes a wasteful amount of energy for them to keep your water piping hot. Many people try to cut water usage in an effort to reduce... Continue Reading

Types of Solar Panel Mounts

Solar Panel Mounts We all know by now that solar power systems are a win-win. They lower the cost of utility bills, which makes living more affordable. They’re a smart environmental choice, since they harness solar energy from the sun and transform it into electricity through solar panels. But you may have some more specific question when... Continue Reading

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heater Basics As refreshing as it feels to take a cool dip in the pool on a hot summer day, that cool dip isn’t going to feel quite as comfortable in, say, November. That's why people around the world have added a solar heater system to their swimming pools, in order to enjoy warmer... Continue Reading

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater Basics Solar power is a pretty magical thing. By adding a solar water heater to you your home, you can cut utility costs, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint—what’s there not to love? While most of these systems will add a bit more complexity to your home, they do so in favor... Continue Reading

Solar Home Air Heater

Solar Air Heater Basics Harness the power of the sun and cut your utility bills all at the same time with a simple solar air heater. These heaters are designed to transfer sunlight into heat, which then channels throughout your home, warming it to cozier temperatures. The systems are highly simplistic and built to work with... Continue Reading

Solar Heater

Solar Heater Basics Here’s something to think about: the energy from our sun is so abundant that in a single day, the earth has access to thousands of times more energy than it requires to meet its every need. Still need a reason to upgrade your traditional heater to one that runs on solar energy? Solar heaters... Continue Reading