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Were My Windows Correctly Installed?

You needed new windows so you hired a contractor and had them put in replacements. Your last check is long since cashed, but now you’re starting to notice something odd: your windows are letting in cold air. And on closer inspection, there are some traces of mold just beginning to grow on the sills. You... Continue Reading

What to Expect on Your Roofing Quote

When it comes to home improvement projects, nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than a roofing repair. Even if there are no major issues and it’s just time for a roof replacement, your roof is your first line of defense against the elements—and it’s also one of the more costly updates you’ll make to your... Continue Reading

How Your Home’s Foundation Affects Heating and Cooling Costs

When most of us talk energy efficiency, we’re thinking about the things inside the home: the washer and dryer that could stand to use a little less energy, or the heating unit that’s been hanging around since the 90s. And these projects certainly make a difference—for instance, a higher rated HVAC system can save homeowners... Continue Reading

Low-E Windows and Heat Damage: Why It Occurs and What To Do About It

Low emissivity, or Low-E windows as they’re sometimes called, are windows that contain a highly reflective coating on the glass. That coating reflects both heating and cooling back into homes, which reduces solar heat gain in the summer to lower energy bills. In fact, the Department of Energy projects that installing Low-E storm windows saves the... Continue Reading

What is an HVAC Zoning System?

Ever notice how the second story of your home is always stifling, while the first floor is practically Arctic all year round? That’s not a coincidence. Homes often have hot and cold spots—places where the angle of the sun, the physics of heat, and the home design all sync up to cause temperature fluctuations from... Continue Reading

Are Your Neighbors Getting in the Way of Your Solar Power?

Do you have a right to solar power? The short answer is: it depends. The long answer has to do with your state legislation, local permitting boards and zoning commissions, and the governing rules of your homeowners' association. In many states, the government protects your right to install solar on your roof. However, where these laws... Continue Reading

How Hail Can Affect Your Roof

If you live in a hail-prone area, you’re probably no stranger to those balls of ice that come in the middle of a heavy storm, and you know that they’re no joke. In fact, in June of 2010, hail fell in Vivian, South Dakota that measured eight inches in diameter—about the width of your average... Continue Reading

How to Refresh Fading or Dirty Vinyl Window Frames

It's no secret that replacement windows are one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner. After all, they mean better sound-proofing, reduced energy expenses, and improved comfort. But they're also a big financial investment, so if you haven't had to worry about any of these issues, it may be worth trying to salvage the... Continue Reading

Ask an Expert: Everything You Need to Know About a Window Replacement

A window replacement is a sizeable investment—but it's well worth it, in terms of making your home more energy-efficient, visually appealing, and comfortable. We sat down with Jeff Ludy of Houston Window Experts to ask your top questions and make the window replacement process more manageable. Here's what he had to say. How can you tell... Continue Reading