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Earning the Trust of Homeowners: How to Get Ahead of These Top 4 Homeowner Fears

Most homeowners enjoy small-scale renovations and often complete basic DIY jobs on their own. But when it comes time for a larger project—and hiring a pro to do the work— many homeowners have a number of concerns and fears about the home renovation process. This makes them wary of placing a stranger in charge of their home... Continue Reading

Financing Roof Repair or Replacement

It may seem like a cliche, but having a solid roof over your head is one of the top priorities of home ownership. A quality roof provides shelter, warmth, and protection for homes and can withstand years of wear and tear with minimal maintenance. When a roof becomes damaged or leaky, however, this security is... Continue Reading

Financing Window Replacement

  Whether you live in an older home that needs renovating or you just want to improve your home’s energy efficiency rating, there are plenty of reasons to replace your windows. While new energy efficient windows will do wonders for your home’s comfort levels and energy bills, window replacement can be a time consuming and costly process.... Continue Reading

The Best Apps and Tools to Remind You of Your Appointments

Contractors who run their own business know that keeping track of all the day-to-day aspects of their company involves lots of juggling. With multiple building projects happening at the same time, orders coming in, payroll to sort out and everything else involved, it can be difficult to remember the many appointments that fill your schedule... Continue Reading

Job Management Software: Tips for Choosing the Best for Your Business

Business ownership is all about finding the balance between craftsmanship and technology. The construction industry is no different—many contractors spend more time managing their projects from inside their offices than out on the building site. But technology doesn’t have to be a burden on your business day. It can even help you be more productive... Continue Reading

Appointment Checklist: 6 Things to Do/Prepare/Remember Before Each Meeting

As a contractor, maintaining your client relationships is one of the most important parts of day-to-day work. From the very first consultation to the final sign-off meeting and everything in between, your client meetings will either make or break your professional relationship. If you want to keep the lines of communication open, clear, and positive, preparation and organization... Continue Reading

Here’s How to Improve Your Marketing ROI in One Minute or Less

When it comes to owning your own business, profit is king. For your business to succeed, you need to have all your financial ducks in a row in order to adapt your marketing strategy and increase revenue. A marketing strategy that capitalizes on your skill set and the needs of your potential clients will help you... Continue Reading

Winter Worksite Safety Tips

As a contractor, you know all too well that keeping the construction site safe is a complicated process at the best of times. When Mother Nature decides to take control, however, worksite safety is exponentially more difficult. Thankfully, there are a few tried and tested methods that construction professionals use to help keep themselves, their... Continue Reading

Slow Season? 3 Ways to Get Ahead When Business Hits a Lull

One of the trickiest parts of owning your own business is having to roll with the tides of the trade. For contractors, this means that some parts of the year will be extraordinarily busy, while others will seem too quiet. While slow periods can be stressful in terms of generating new leads and making money,... Continue Reading