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Backyard Escapes: Inspiration for Upgrading Your Shed

Backyard Escapes: Inspiration for Upgrading Your Shed

For many homeowners, the garden shed is a necessary eyesore in a well-maintained yard. For years, sheds have been purely functional spaces for storing tools and equipment, but that’s beginning to change. Recently, we’ve seen a trend towards stylish sheds that serve more elegant purposes. Since the tiny house hit the scene, more people are thinking... Continue Reading
Eclectic Style 101

Eclectic Style 101

While some people are great at identifying their style, others of us have a tough time limiting ourselves to a single decorating genre. We want the French Country dining table and the orange Art Deco couch. If this sounds familiar to you, then eclectic style might be your perfect match. As the name suggests, eclectic style... Continue Reading

How to Boost Your Curb Appeal with a Container Garden

It's no secret that homes with beautiful landscaping are more eye-catching than homes with empty yards. Lush foliage and vibrant plants create a welcoming environment before you even enter a home. Of course, not every house comes with a spacious front yard, and not every homeowner has the budget for professional landscaping. But if you... Continue Reading

Industrial Style 101

Inspired by the everyday lifestyle of the industrial working world, industrial style celebrates pared-down architecture and utilitarian forms. Industrial style is all about the marriage of form and function. It favors practical materials and straightforward designs and manages to remain effortlessly chic and edgy in spite of its simplicity. If you’ve ever dreamed of living... Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Style 101

In the past, the term “eco-friendly” might have conjured up images of crunchy granola hippies, but as our understanding of global warming and human-influenced climate change has grown, going green has become more mainstream. If you're curious about reducing your carbon footprint and making the smallest possible impact on the environment, but have no idea how... Continue Reading

Modern Style 101

In the interior design world, terms like “modern,” “contemporary” and “minimalistic” get thrown around a lot. But because they share so many of the same ideas, it can be confusing to know what they actually mean. Are they all different design styles? And if so, how?   Whether you’re looking to describe your own personal... Continue Reading

De-cluttering Once and For All: The Kon Mari Method

It may still feel like winter, but according to Punxsutawney Phil spring is just around the corner, and we all know what that means—it’s time for a good spring cleaning. And while it's incredibly satisfying to have an organized home that's free of clutter, dust, dirt, and mess, it doesn’t make the laborious deep clean any... Continue Reading

Six Ideas for Creating a Dual-Purpose Home Office

These days, nearly all of us are plugged in at all times to our phones, computers, and tablets—and that means more of us are now able to ditch convention and work from the comfort of our own homes. While cutting out the commute is a plus for many reasons, there's still one downside to working from... Continue Reading

Rustic Style 101

Two hundred years ago, pioneers lived off the land, using what they found in nature to provide their food, shelter, and clothing. Rustic style is a call back to those early days when civilization and nature were interdependent. Inspired by nature, rustic style embraces the simple, the raw, and the rugged. Read on to learn... Continue Reading