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10 Tips For A Successful Project

No matter how many times you've taken on a renovation project, the beginning can seem daunting. Below are ten tips that will help you complete your project successfully, whether you're a first-timer or a renovation pro. If you want more information on specific projects like solar, windows, roofing or HVAC click those links for full... Continue Reading

Our Top Roofing Trends Predictions for 2018

If there is one prediction for 2018 in terms of roofs, it’s that there will be more of them being built next year. Construction on new homes is expected to rise, and each of these homes will need a roof. The styles, materials, and use of the roofs will be aimed towards sustainability and energy... Continue Reading

Homeowner 101: How to Paint Brick, Cement, Laminate, or Metal

What's the easiest way to change the mood or feeling of a home? If you ask any interior designer, they'll answer without hesitation—paint the walls. Adding color is a surefire way to freshen up a room or add some visual interest to a home. But what if your walls are something other than drywall, or... Continue Reading

Homeowner 101: How to Grout and Tile a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash in your kitchen is one of the best ways to personalize your space. It's also one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a refreshing update without doing a major remodel. Installing a tile backsplash will take some planning and precision on your part, but the results are well worth it.... Continue Reading

Homeowner 101: How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Having a clean bathroom is a strangely satisfying feeling. It's not just having the towels hung up and the sink wiped free of toothpaste globs, but when you can see that sparkle on your countertops and in the tub and toilet that comes from a deep and thorough scrub. If you feel the instant gratification from a... Continue Reading

Which Siding Stands Up Best to Hurricanes?

When a hurricane or severe storm is predicted for your area, your first concern is undoubtedly for your loved ones. Whether or not you need to evacuate,  the condition of your siding—and, ultimately, your home—is important. You want something that will stand up to hurricanes, freeing up energy for you to worry about what really... Continue Reading
Can a Hot Water Heater Blanket Save You Money on Your Energy Bills?

Can a Hot Water Heater Blanket Save You Money on Your Energy Bills?

There are hundreds of ways—both big and small—that you can save money on your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient. Yes, even during the freezing cold months when all you want is to take a hot bath and then hibernate under your favorite blanket. You’ve probably heard about using an extra blanket... Continue Reading

Homeowner 101: How to Patch a Drywall Hole

Patching a drywall hole is a skill that intimidates a lot of people—I know because I used to be one of them. But don’t worry, because patching a hole in your drywall seems tougher than it actually is. No matter what your experience level is with home repair, this is something almost everyone can do.... Continue Reading

Our Top Window Predictions for 2017

A brand new year always holds the promise of exciting new things—and that goes for your windows, too! We're expecting to sees some new developments in green materials and a wider variety of color options for frames, glazing, and design. Window dressing trends in 2017 are shifting away from naked windows and, instead, toward drapery and... Continue Reading