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bathroom vanity ideas
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Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanity ideas

Before you spend money on a bathroom vanity, there are a few questions that you should answer:

1. How much space do you have to work with? This includes width and depth. Older homes tend to have less space to work with, so you may have to search for a smaller vanity if needed. Know your dimensions. 

2. How many people will use the bathroom? Is it a powder bathroom, only to be used on occasion, or will there be several people share it? Will you need one or two sinks?

3. What’s the style of your bathroom decor? If traditional, you may want to get a vanity with legs. If modern, you may opt for a floating vanity. If you’re planning on remodeling the bathroom, it may be best to buy your vanity first because the vanity can easily be the centerpiece of your remodeling adventure.