The start of 2021 is different compared to other years in the past. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses are adapting to new ways to thrive in current conditions. The good news is that many homeowners are still looking for interior remodelers, creating new opportunities for home improvement remodelers in this industry. 

As we are approaching spring, what steps are you taking to drive leads for your sales team this spring and summer? Our team at Modernize collected information from homeowners, showing you the best strategies to target your market. Lead generation for interior remodelers is most effective when you understand what your target demographic needs. Learn about their preferences when starting their home improvement projects, then position your company to provide these in-demand products and services. 

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Top Home Improvement Projects for 2021

We surveyed 3,529 Modernize homeowners in December 2020 and January 2021 to gather data about opportunities for interior remodelers this year. The numbers speak for themselves: homeowners are ready to invest in renovations in 2021.  

  • 49.46 percent of survey participants plan to spend $5,000 or less on their upcoming projects. 
  • 27 percent of homeowners plan to spend more than $10,000 on upcoming projects. 

Why are homeowners looking for interior remodelers? Because of the pandemic, people are traveling less and spending more time at home. Many are redirecting their extra money into home renovation projects instead of other extracurricular activities. People want to feel comfortable and happy in their living space. Homeowners are ready to tackle the outstanding projects on their to-do lists. 

When you know what homeowners want, then you can adjust your marketing messages and conversations to tap into the selling points that will close the deal. The highest demand projects this year are focusing on interior renovations: kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and more. If you are an interior remodeling contractor, then it is your time to shine! 

Here is the data we discovered in our recent survey: 

Which of the following home improvement projects will you begin? Please select all that apply. 

  • 32.58 percent– Indoor remodeling (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) 
  • 23.25 percent– Outdoor projects (patio, fencing, pool, yard, driveway, etc.) 
  • 14.63 percent– Cosmetic projects (flooring, carpet, painting, fixtures, etc.) 
  • 13.43 percent– Large exterior projects (roof replacement, windows, siding, etc.) 
  • 4.49 percent– Aging in place projects (medical alerts, walk-in tubs, stairlifts, etc.) 
  • 11.53 percent– Other

Personalizing Your Message for Each Homeowner

As a seasoned interior remodeler, you know that your approach must be different for first-time homeowners vs. families living in their forever homes. Ask each homeowner about their short-term and long-term goals to cater your proposal to best fit their needs 

Which of the following best describes your homeownership? 

  • 27.30 percent– I am a first-time homeowner 
  • 14.81 percent– I am a second-time homeowner 
  • 25.47 percent– I own/have lived in multiple homes 
  • 32.42 percent– I live in my forever home 

Current Demand in Home Renovation Industry

Are you ready to tap into the available kitchen and bathroom leads? Delaying your marketing efforts will cause you to miss out on the current demand. Survey participants showed their eagerness to start these renovation projects: 

  • 38 percent of homeowners, across trades, plan to make additional home improvements over the next three months 

The simplest way to connect with quality leads is by working with our team at Modernize Home Services. We help you find homeowners looking for interior remodelers through a robust system that prescreens each homeowner to ensure you are only receiving vetted leads. 

Our system of lead generation for interior remodelers is a proven way to maximize your marketing investment by tapping into quality leads right away. For more information, reach out to Modernize Home Services to learn about available marketing solutions for interior remodelers. 

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