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When Matt Vazquez, of Neighborhood Windows & Doors, decided to increase his lead intake volume by over 300%, he was worried set rates would plummet. But with the help of Hatch, the opposite happened: set rates climbed well above the industry average.

He also wanted to be a text-first organization, but expected that to take at least six long and stressful months of tweaking hard-to-use tools(it took a year at his previous company). But the opposite happened again: it only took 24 hours to set up Hatch.

Now, most of his sales process is automated, revenue is increasing, and long-term growth is certain. Sign up to learn the secrets!

Host: Megan Wolfe, Manager of Client & Development Strategy at Modernize

Guests: Matt Vazquez(Co-owner of Neighborhood Windows & Doors) and Lori Boyer(Director of Content Marketing at Hatch)