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Why Kitchens Are at the Top of a Homeowners Renovation List
Why do homeowners choose to spend thousands of dollars on kitchen renovations? Whether you’re a sales rep or the owner of a remodeling…
Marketing to The Aging in Place Demographic This Winter
Important modifications are needed in the home when a retiree decides they want to age in place instead of moving to assisted living.…
Built Better Podcast
[Podcast] Built Better: Maximizing the Value of Your Leads: Lightfire Partners
As a home improvement or home services business, maximizing the value of your leads is critical to healthy growth and scalability. Join us…
COVID-19’s Impact on the Aging In Place Market
The novel coronavirus pandemic has impacted every industry in 2020. One of the industries that have faced excessive challenges and…
eBook: Aging in Place and Home Accessibility
Baby Boomers —the generation born from 1946 to 1964— continue to have a remarkable impact on the United States population. Currently,…
The Evolution of Custom Cabinetry for Remodelers
When working with kitchen renovation clients, you will find that every homeowner has unique opinions about layouts, colors, and designs.…
Homeowners are gearing up for solar before entering 2021
One of the most common reasons why homeowners delay the installation of a residential solar system is the cost of investment. People want…
Built Better Podcast
[Podcast] Aging in Place: An Industry Exploding With Demand
The fastest growing population is over 90 years old. Today’s average 5 year old is going to live to 104.5. Day in and day out we see more…