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Why Kitchens Are at the Top of a Homeowners Renovation List
Why do homeowners choose to spend thousands of dollars on kitchen renovations? Whether you’re a sales rep or the owner of a remodeling…
Top 8 Questions a Gutter Installer Should be Ready to Answer
Many homeowners may not know a lot about gutter installation or gutter cleaning services, so it can be common for homeowners to come to the…
Bathroom Remodelers: 5 Things to Remind Homeowners
A bathroom remodel can transform a dark, damp room into a relaxing, rejuvenating space. When homeowners are looking at options for…
eBook: Aging in Place and Home Accessibility
Baby Boomers —the generation born from 1946 to 1964— continue to have a remarkable impact on the United States population. Currently,…
Interior Remodelers: Homeowner Demand This Winter
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses in every industry. If you are a home improvement contractor, how has your…
Homeowners are gearing up for solar before entering 2021
One of the most common reasons why homeowners delay the installation of a residential solar system is the cost of investment. People want…
Built Better Podcast
[Podcast] Aging in Place: An Industry Exploding With Demand
The fastest growing population is over 90 years old. Today’s average 5 year old is going to live to 104.5. Day in and day out we see more…
Creating a Flooring Pro’s Sales Guide
Having the right sales strategies in your arsenal not only helps your career, but it’s an important step to support customers in finding…