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5 reviews
Review by Katherine T
September 20, 2019
Great company really listened to what I wanted! Will recommend!
Review by David T
September 16, 2019
We had a sale person come out to our home in Alpine on Saturday
9/14/2019 to say we are disappointed would be a under statement, when we called the woman asked about our home and what we wanted to do so we told her, she explained "we are not the cheapest out there". the salesperson was on time and asked what we want to do, I told him the same things again the same thing "we are not the cheapest out there". asked if i wanted it painted I said no ( it comes from the factory primed) I would remove the old siding and it would be ready for them to start hanging their siding. that's where we stopped talking outside he went and said he would email me the price.
Our home is small 1250 Sqf single story and included a free standing 2 car garage also single story. the quote was $24887.
that is about $4000 in siding and over $20k in labor
Review by Allen Y
August 20, 2019
Let me start by saying I am (was) a very satisfied former customer, twice! Durante replaced all the windows in our home a few years back and even though we paid more than other quotes, we were very happy with the product and service. That's why I called them for the french door that needs to be replace. Boy, what has happened?????
Scheduled an appointment for 5:00pm last Thursday afternoon. At a little after 5:00, I get a call from the service guy saying his truck has having trouble and would either be late ( not sure how long) or we could re-schedule. We rescheduled on the phone for the following day (Friday) at 1:00. 1:00 comes and goes, no service guy, no call. Monday, nothing. I called back Tuesday....oh we're sorry, not sure what happened. Scheduled another visit this past Friday, 1:00pm again. 1:05, phone rings. Truck is having problems, can we reschedule? NO, we can't.
Very soon after learning of our difficulties, the operations manager called us to find out the details of our issues. The following day we received a call from the General Manager. These guys, along with a new sales rep, have addressed everything and have us moving forward with our door project. Our faith in Durante has been fully restored! Sometimes road bumps can be great learning tools, and that is how these guys viewed it. How a company handles a bad situation tells you way more about them than just hearing the successful, easy stories. These guys as a team pulled together and I'm happy to say, we are once again Durante fans!
Review by Carol S
August 16, 2019
They have done our windows, a sunroom, doors, and deck! Excellent work. Best customer service around!! Thank you Durante!
Review by Dianne W
August 5, 2019
We had one door and two decks installed by Durante and while the customer service was good and the end result is great, we had nothing but trouble during this process. From horrible brickwork that needed to be completely redone, to just not showing up on days when they were scheduled to be working, it honestly felt like our project was never going to be finished. I'm actually still waiting, days later, on them to remove a load of trash from my yard that they left when they finished. Customer service was great whenever I had to call in, but I don't like that I had to call in almost every day that they were working. We were told that it would take 7 - 8 days to build our two decks, but it ended up taking 14. They were also great about working with us to find a professional to repair the shoddy brickwork they did, but I expected that it would have just been done correctly the first time around. I'm not sure if we didn't spend enough money or if they thought that we were young and wouldn't complain, but we never once felt like we were a priority while they were working on our project. I would not recommend them to anyone wanting to have a project completed in a timely manner or anyone without time to babysit and make sure that the work is actually being done.
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