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5 reviews
Review by Dolly C
October 3, 2019
Overall my experience was really good. Ryan was an excellent representative of the benefits of using Five Star and its products. He gave me the space to make a solid decision, and I did not feel pressured. Once the job was scheduled, Justin and crew were in and out in one day. I left for work like normal and came home to a beautiful new roof. Hats off fellas for an excellent job! Thank you.
Review by Tami I
September 25, 2019
They came when they said they would and were finished in one day. They cleaned up the construction completely the same day. My yard looked amazing too. As though they were never here. We have received lots of compliments on how it looks. I had the company who was putting our gutters up inspect the roof while they were installing our new gutters and they said that 5 star home improvement did an excellent job putting on the roof.
Review by Jeanine C
September 25, 2019
We were happy with the service provided. Only complaint we might have is that we did find a few nails and pieces of old shingle on the driveway after they left.
Andrea did a great job showing us the options available for roofing and explaining the difference between the warranty that they could offer as a preferred contractor for Owens Corning compared to other roofing companies.
Review by K. N
September 18, 2019
This company is very impressive. Our roof was done in less than 36 hours and the team was professional with expert knowledge. The crew worked hard and was amazing. 100% the best company for roofing in the area. Plus the company has the highest rating for warranty behind the finished product. Couldn’t be happier with our new roof!
Review by ailey W
August 13, 2019
The original damage to our home happened on May 17. It took 2-3 weeks to get everything squared away with insurance and what not. Today is August 13, and just today everything is finally completed. So 2+ months to get our roof and gutters replaced. After they came out and did the initial assessment, they said that they would come back out the next day just to cover a portion of the roof until it actually got replaced. That did not happen. We had to call them again to get this to happen. After that, they actually came out pretty quickly and fixed the roof. However, after they left we noticed some damage that we believe they had caused. I messaged Phil and sent him the pics of the damage. He said he would have Justin come out. I told him if these were things that were getting replaced anyway, then they could just take care of it when they did that. Then randomly a few weeks later another contractor comes out to do the gutters. We ask if they are planning to fix the other issues. They say they know nothing about it and that they can’t actually do the gutters until the other damage is fixed. So, they leave and we have to contact Justin/Phil about it, and they had no intention of fixing things that were on the original paperwork from the insurance company. That they didn’t remember them being on there, that they would have to look at the paperwork. Finally a couple weeks later after many phone calls/texts, they come out to fix those things. It is at this time they ask for the remainder of the payment. (we had already paid about 70% of the total due). I told them I had discussed with Phil that I wouldn’t be charged the remaining amount until the work was done. They leave. Within and hour we are charged the remaining amount. At this point we still don’t have our gutters replaced. I call them, and of course this person has to talk to this person and so on, and this person won’t be back until Monday so they can’t refund my money. On top of charging me when they shouldn’t, they also overcharged me by about $300. They never actually take the charge off my card. About a week after that, they come out and replace the gutters, a few days after that they refund me the $300. Throughout this whole process there were many phone Calls/texts sent. Many went unanswered or the answer was they would have to talk to someone else about it. It seemed quite often the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. Although we are happy with the quality of work, both the roof and gutters look great, we would not do business with this company again.
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