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Pure Energy

  • 10 Years in Business
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About Pure Energy

Instead of putting our marketing campaign into television, radio, billboards etc. Pure Energy invests back into your home paying for energy efficient upgrades. The catch is a sign in the yard for 90 days with HOA approval, a 12 month data collection before & after showing how much money the home has saved, a photo of installation, and lastly a testimony on the service provided. The company has to save the home “X” amount of dollars in order for us to work with you. If selected we will be paying for Upgraded attic insulation, hybrid water heater, and or variable speed pool pump. The roof is topped off with a $0 down $0 money out of pocket owned solar system. 30 days after install is when you will see immediate savings. We grant you a 25 year warranty and government incentives to help pay for system. If selected your solar bill will always be less than your current APS bill taking you away from future APS rate hikes (rates increase 4.5% each year). Once the solar payment is payed off you will have invested equity into your home and your new electric bill will be less than $20. A+ on the BBB. We take that with a grain of salt. What we are most proud off is our ROC. Since being in business in 2009 and 5,000 installs we haven’t had one complaint.

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Review by Gregg H.
August 12, 2019
Modernize Verified Job