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Homeowner Reviews for Extreme Energy Solutions

5 reviews
Review by Kim J
July 23, 2019
We had Josh, of Extreme Energy Solutions, come out to do an 'energy audit' - and have to admit - it was the BEST $99 I've ever spent (even compared to shoe and purse shopping!)!!! Josh and crew spent 2 hours with us during audit - telling us what he found in our house - main things being:

1. All of our ceiling vents and can lights in ceiling, had open space which should have been sealed up. Because of this space, we were getting so much DUST in house - it was ridiculous!!

2. Upon truly crawling up into attic and going around corners (unlike inspectors, who just stand at top of ladder and peek up above), it was found that we had ZERO insulation above our master bedroom!! No wonder our summer bills were at $400 (even with solar!!).

After learning how to set our thermostat correctly, how to run ceiling fans, and other great information we learned form him …. we hired them to come back and give us all brand new Cellulose insulation throughout attic, as well as sealing all can lights and vents. This occurred in April 2019, they were here for 7.5 hours (very thorough!) and I am elated to say --- we have NO more dust (and we have BLACK furniture, so I know about dust!) … anddddd our APS bills have gone down by half!!!

APS bill for June 2017 = $252.41
APS bill for June 2018 = $214.54
APS bill for June 2019 = $110.12 (HALF of previous years!)

APS bill for July 2017 = $444.92
APS bill for July 2018 = $392.18
APS bill for July 2019 = $213.03 (HALF of previous years!)

Because Extreme Energy Solutions is a third party contractor with APS, an APS inspector came out to inspect their work - and it passed with flying colors. Once inspection was completed, I received an ENERGY STAR HOME certificate from APS!

Just can't say enough about how much money this initial $99 energy audit has saved us, and will continue to save us -- not to mention - less DUSTING!!! Pay the $99 for an energy audit and you will be amazed at what you learn. #5StarRating
Review by Debbie
June 14, 2019
The staff is professional and courteous and very knowledgeable.
They did an excellent job installing our new unit.
We were very pleased.
Review by Nicholas A
June 14, 2019
My bills are down over 30% now. They did great work, very through, on time, very respectful and kept my home nice and clean.
Review by Valerie C
June 14, 2019
Our monthly bills have never been so cheap! Thankful to this company for their professionalism and knowledge. They were able to explain exactly what we needed to do in order for our home to be more efficient and we even got discounts through rebates to help cut the costs!
Review by oy A
June 14, 2019
By Far the best A/C Company in town! I had a new unit put in and Extreme had the best price by a long shot! Thank you Extreme!
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