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At GlassMogul our business is glass, windows, and doors plus a ton of related residential, commercial, and industrial products. We are 50-year window industry professionals with roots in production of insulated glass, doors, and screen manufacturing. Our previous company in Northern California consisted of three vinyl window production lines, two sliding door products, French doors, and a range of ultra-premium sunrooms and conservatories.

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Homeowner Reviews for GlassMogul LLC

4 reviews
Review by Nope N
April 17, 2018
What a great staff in the office for starters. They cheerfully worked around my schedule and my couple of reschedules. I felt bad but I bought something so that made up for it.

Their office is in the hood a bit but the work they do is expert/artisan.

Jerry, the manager came over and i showed him a problem my handy man had created. It was complex and made more complex every time the handyman tried again.

Get this: he asked to borrow a chair and sat and stared at my wall and window for 10 minutes. Took some pictures, drew some sketches and sent a couple texts back and forth with the owner, who's name is Ray or Gary i think, but after a while I thought he might actually be napping. Lol anyway after a while he said, "I got it!" And the solution was so simple and inexpensive compared to the 6 different ways other people had described and the 4 ways the handyman had tried.

Basically it was a situation where I wanted to be able to see the kids in the backyard through a window that had a bar in the middle that blocked the pool at floating head level but I wanted to be able to open the window still. By the time Jerry got there to see what he could do it was a mess, plasticed over, drywall and stucco missing in chunks and one of the panes was missing....
It's a wood window so I didn't want to replace it.
Anyway my wife says Jerry is a stud. Thanks man.
Review by Eri
September 6, 2017
My house got broken into and they were wonderful. I had tried calling 9 other companies, but since it was a holiday weekend most of them were closed. I got a hold of AZ Glassdoor and they wanted $500 for emergency just to secure the door. When I wasn't interested in paying that much they offered to have someone come out for $120 just to do an assessment. When I wasn't too keen on that they said I could send pictures and they would give me a free estimate. I never heard back from them. Thankfully Glass Mogul contacted me on Labor Day through Thumbtack. They were very busy, but had their tech Carlos come out the next day on his way home to assess the damage. Then they had him come out that Wednesday morning to fix my door. They all were so wonderful to work with. They were understanding of my situation and worked with me to get someone out to help as quickly as possible. They also were responsibly priced and didn't try to upsale me for things I didn't need. I would definitely recommend them and will be contacting them when it is time to do other jobs around the house.
Review by varun P
August 17, 2017
I had called these guys for looking at my wooden door as I had problems closing and opening it as it gets stuck and one of their guys named Gerod came in. On entering he did not even close the door and open to understand the problem. Straight away looking at the door he said you need a new door, this one is gone. Even though u repair it today next year you will have to change it. After that he started showing prices for replacing door on his book he was carrying. Its a solid wooden door that is easily repairable cheaply and he did not even bother gave right advice.
I wont recommend anyone using this company. It was a waste of time and effort.
Shame on you guys.
Review by Tori D
September 6, 2018
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