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About Demers Glass, LLC.

We are a family owned-run business dedicated to providing customers with quality products and professional friendly installation and service serving most of Arizona.

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Homeowner Reviews for Demers Glass, LLC.

5 reviews
Review by Lora T
September 5, 2019
Thank you to Danny the owner, for the wonderful product in my home. My shower looks beautiful. Great quality product and lovely staff to work with. Highly Recommended!
Review by Mike
August 21, 2019
One of your drivers just passed us on Northern almost wide swiping us at 95 miles an hour.....this is representation of your company??
Review by Heather O
June 12, 2019
Demers was the most responsive company, with their quote coming in days before any one else's, and it was competitively priced, too! The windows arrived when they said they would, and so did the installers. They were really fast to act on changes to the quote I requested (ie color changes, or vertical opening vs. horizontal), and everything was correctly done. The installers were fast and professional. They really understood the product and why and how it was designed the way it was. I was kept informed of the status and confirmation of the installation so I was never left questioning if things were moving along on the project.

Each person I interacted with gave us great service, and the final product looks great!
Review by Allen L
June 9, 2018
Demers replaced 7 of my home windows. Everyone was friendly and professional from the person who answered the phone to the installers. I was surprised how much lower their price quote was compared to the competition. The new windows look fantastic. I would not hesitate calling on them again in the future.
Review by Dan C
May 18, 2018
Bad experience... it took them 5 trips and they never completed the work.

Over a year ago, they came out and measured 2 broken windows at our home.

They called us with the price, we accepted their bid, they eventually contacted us for install... they showed up with the wrong size glass, we waited many weeks for this. They measured again...

We waited many more weeks, scheduled install, they installed one piece correct, the other had the wrong grid layout, we paid for the one piece of glass they installed. They measured again...

We waited many more weeks, scheduled install, they removed the broken piece, then told us the new piece was a bit too small... not to worry, they'll temporarily install the small piece, but it barely covers the opening of the frame but they can use a lot of shims to make it work temporarily. Also, they broke the interior plastic trim, they'll bring us new trim when they bring the new glass. They'll remake it and call us back to schedule install when ready. They measured again...

By this time, we're very leery of their ability to actually finish the job, these are 2 simple dual pane windows, no low e, no tint... simple stuff. We called a few times, glass was never done... we gave up and stopped calling. They never called us back.

A year later, we start getting voicemails, threatening to send us to collections if we don't pay in full. When my wife called them back to discuss and ask for the job to be completed, they tell her they've had to fire a lot of people because of problems such as this.... When asked when they will be bringing the correct glass, they said we must pay in full first... we didn't initially have to pay in full when we first ordered the 2 windows, but now, after they screwed up so many times, we're supposed to trust they'll get it right and pay in full first? My wife had to take time off of work each time they came out...

I'm never letting them in my home again... terrible experience. I've been a homeowner and tradesmen for several decades, I can't imagine how they're still in business if this is how they operate.

I'm filing a complaint with the AZ Registrar of Contractors.
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