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Since forming in 2009, Solar Topps has been dedicated to setting and meeting a higher standard when it comes to photovoltaic design, engineering and installation. Solar Topps has consistently delivered the highest performing PV systems to a steadily growing, very knowledgeable, and fully satisfied customer base. Our success comes from our commitment to details needed to achieve our goals of making solar easy, affordable and hassle-free to generate more savings for our customers.

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9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Solar Topps LLC

5 reviews
Review by Abba
October 7, 2019
EXcellent company. Excellent professional service. Strongly recommended.
Review by Janice D
October 1, 2019
SOLAR TOPS LIED to us telling us if we ever need to replace our roof they would come take the panels off and put them back after roof is completed. So guess what? We need a roof. So I found out that the warranty is only good for 5 years. Well, we are within the five years. They refuse to do it. They will tell you anything to install the panels and stick you with all they have. When you decide to sell your home you have to do a whole separate escrow for the solar. If buyer wants you to replace the roof guess what? I got a quote from another solar company to take them off and put them back after the roof replacement. Cost is $4,100. + you have to pay the cost of new roof. SOLAR TOPS ARE crooks and liers. It's better not to have solar after paying out all this money. Where have we saved any money? Not! I hope this helps someone to make their decision!
Review by Jorge
September 9, 2019
Super shady operation. Lowest level of professionalism, dishonesty, shady sales people,
This company hires only the lowest level of sales people. Lied to us about solar credits, tax credits and how solar actually works. This company needs to go to India like it’s owner stay there. And how come the only positive reviews on here are people related to the company, people who work here or sales reps pretending to be customers? Just Facebook search the names!
Review by Raymond J
August 21, 2019
Solar Topps replaced the micro-inverters in our Sun Power panels. Their office was very good in letting me know the situation and then setting up an appointment. I can not say enough about Mario's crew that replaced the micro-inverters. Mario showed up at the scheduled appointment. He and his crew were very professional and did a fantastic job. Thank you Solar Topps!
Review by Lanh M
August 18, 2019
We had to have our solar panels removed and reinstalled in order to do a roof replacement. Mario and his crew were involved in the re-installation. They needed to replace the inverters for 37 panels. They did a very professional job, taking care of all details no matter how small. Mario was very conscientious, making sure we were totally satisfied with the job before they left. He went out of his way to make sure everything was completed satisfactorily.

We appreciated Mario's enthusiasm and professionalism!
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