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We power lives with sunshine. By designing beautiful home solar systems and providing flexible financing plans, we enable people to generate their own energy and save money.

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Homeowner Reviews for Sungevity Solar

5 reviews
Review by Mire
April 26, 2017
Sungevity is now known as Solar Spectrum

Sungevity abused its workers after suffering financial loses due to managerial incompetence. The ony people left working there are snakes and true unfortunates who I imagine are all looking for new employment.

The company is now owned by Northern Pacific Group and has changed the name to Solar Spectrum. Only support this business if you favor the most exploitive forms of capitalism.
Review by andon C
April 12, 2017
Sungevity does not care about their customers. I have used their service for six months and was blantely lied to about a referral fee that my grandfather was supposed to receive.
Since then, I have received nothing but excuses and explanations on how their bankruptcy is delaying customer service issues. However, they are still deducting money monthly from my account for usage, installing new systems into to homes, and ironically enough paying out the referral fees for new customers. Essentially they are continuing all business as usual, excluding addressing customer issues that have lingered for months with no resolution.
I would suggest choosing ANY other solar provider before Sungevity. If I could give zero stars I would.
Review by George D
June 14, 2016
I chose Sungevity because of a New York Times article that praised their business model (I wanted to make sure my provider was here to stay).

The salesman, Mark R., was the most low-pressure guy you could have asked for. They installed it without trouble, and our power bills plummeted. We got a plug-in hybrid, and the panels pay for both the car (25k so far) and our house power. A great experience.
Review by Daniel L
June 1, 2016
I don't usually write review, but in this case since this is a big investment and commitment for me I feel that I need to give my 2cents on my experience so you can set your expectation.

I signed the contract in July of 2015, Sales guy told me it would take 3 months, and now 11 months later system is still not up and running.

There were a lot of miscommunication and misinformed as my Project Manager moved on to different department. When that happened, my project was delayed for months until we called them to ask for update on the project. Not very professional for company claimed to have installed thousands of projects.

Took them close to 6 months to replace the power panel due to PGE delays. :-( By the time the Power Panel was replaced, the permit had expired. So waited couple more weeks to get the permit reinstated. Finally the system is online and generating power for 3 days and down again!!!!! I had to call Support, they said power cycle which i did and it didn't resolve the problem. Issue got escalated, escalation said to replace the Inverter will take up to 3 weeks to get the part. Fudge!!!

As of today, system still down and waiting for repairs. As you can see, I'm very frustrated with the whole going green experience with Sungevity.

Initially, I chose this company because I found a study on the net posted by an individual claimed that it's better than Solar City. So I went along. Long and behold, it's not true at all for my case.

The good thing is they will give me $500 for all the delays, but not discount, and I have to wait 4 weeks for the check which is fine.

Read the reviews, not all projects will be the same. If I had to do this again, obviously I would go with Solar City no doubt.

We had a very frustrating experience with this company as we went through so many mishaps. Support already ignoring me by not giving me any updates like they said. They not very proactive maybe because they know I'm bitter. ;-)

I gave them one start because at least they installed the Panels correctly.
Review by Jonathon P
October 3, 2014
We went with Sungevity after talking with them, Solar City, and a local installer. We choose Sungevity because they offered the most power at the lowest cost, because they took the time to answer all of my questions (and I had a lot!), and because it was clear that they had thought through the details around the roof installation. They provided lots of information along the way, including regular updates when there was a delay. We easily passed all of our inspections without any problems.

And the best part is that now that we've switched to solar, our electrical bill for our first full month went from $136 last year to a $100 credit on solar. Now, it's not going to be that way every month, but it was a great decision financially, not to mention environmentally.

And, if you want to get $1000 off your installation, feel free to use my referral code - 572125 and commit to going solar by October 31st; after that, it's a $500 discount.
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