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Commercial and Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems can help you not only reduce your electricity costs,put money back in your pocket, but decrease your dependence on the Grid.Explore why switching to Solar makes solid financial sense.

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Homeowner Reviews for Southwest Solar Inc

5 reviews
Review by lily T
March 30, 2019
Called up a few places before going solar. SW shared a lot off good references upon request. They did a good job and we are happy with our 6.2 kw system. Everything is great we have a monitoring system as well to make sure its up and running properly we can check from our phone how cool is that.
Review by Lani P
March 26, 2019
Finally decided to get the solar panels after an entire 2 years of checking and reviewing if it was in my budget. At first I was not to certain if it was going to be worth the amount of money I paid since I bought the panels for the new home but its an investment if you are going to stay long term in your home. The guys were professional and good at explaining the entire process. If youre looking for someone with a fair price and good service they are definitely it.
Review by Chen-zhao Y
March 23, 2019
I got solar final and done last week and am happy with the service I was provided. They do very good job for me and I give them 5 star rating. The price was very in my budget and I got the best panels as well for long time use.
Review by Kramer F
March 23, 2019
What a wonderful team to work with. I started off just by calling to get more information about solar but they offered to have a free consult with my wife and I and they took the time to explain everything, provided us a quote based on our wattage and how many panels we would need. They were not overly pushy and tried to get us to do anything. After my wife and I reevaluated our finances we decided to do it with them and it went well.
Review by Crygo L
March 22, 2019
I am very happy with the services from southwest. At first I did not want to gt solar as it was something that was not in my familys immediately budget and I did not like how it would look on my roof, however, after talking to some friends and seeing them get it I reconsidered and called southwest who my buddy used. The price was fair where my family and I could afford it and the benefits seemed great. It was a very smooth process overall and we got it done in time for the summer.
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