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We offer residential heating, air conditioning and solar, service repair, tune-ups, maintenance, sales, installations, indoor air quality solutions, energy total solution, air balancing. Also available for emergency services.

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Homeowner Reviews for Certified Heating and Air Conditioning

5 reviews
Review by Nice G
September 6, 2019
I hired this company to check out an AC unit. Professional service, honest pricing, and great communication, is what I got. I'm pretty sure it wasn't it one time thing. Certified Solar, Heating & Air Conditioning is great value for your money. Ryan the technician and Kim the Rep. at the company are 5 stars as well. We will be hiring this company to replace and install the unit we had inspected, given it's beyond it's useful life. Great company. Kim I owe you a Mocha.
Review by Patricia F
June 28, 2019
I am very happy with Ariana borrero she explain every to me in detail and was very patient. Being an older person she was really patient with. I would like to have only ariana service my equipment. I feel very comfortable with her coming into home. Being a very private person she was very easy to trust.
Review by Jennifer C
March 16, 2019
Not only was technician Lucas able to come out on a Saturday, he followed up with me promptly so we could get the unit repaired ASAP.. He diagnosed it correctly the first time with no hard sell for any “extras”. Very honest and customer oriented. Highly recommend!!
Review by Ed Z
February 27, 2019
This review is pending a resolution from Certified HVAC. I'll gladly edit it on resolution.

Last year, we had a big problem with certain rooms in our house not heating or cooling appropriately, never quite heating or cooling as much as we wanted, with one room never heating or cooling at all. We had Certified come out, and they quoted us what they said would be a "solution" - replacing the ductwork in the house in its entirety, which was quite expensive. On completion, the result was certain rooms overheated - our kitchen scorches, other rooms freeze, thermostats that used to control certain zones no longer do. Furthermore, the new ducts rattle like there are ghosts in them.

They came back in to "fix" this to tell us that, in fact, the balancing was off, but refrained from actually changing said balance. They came back again to say that, well, actually it's the furnace, the furnace is too small, which...even if it was, it doesn't explain why the heat is so unbalanced. My wife mostly dealt with them, and they've been nothing but condescending and unreliable.

They have since basically gone dead on us, despite a 5-figure bill and, what I'd argue, a totally useless job done. I feel defrauded, and I am so uncertain of their willingness to help that I've retained legal counsel.
Review by Christ T
October 18, 2018
Yvonne Gonzalez inspected my old furnace and did a great job taking it apart, cleaning the various components, explaining what she was doing, showing me items that were worn, teaching me about the "innards" of the system and putting it all back together again. She was very knowledgable and thorough. She presented options for repairing or replacing my furnace and did not pressure me to make a particular choice. I really appreciate the service I received from Yvonne and the other staff at Certified Solar, Heating, & Air Conditioning. I heartily recommend their furnace inspection services.
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