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Cal Construction Enterprises Inc.

  • 39 Years in Business
  • Licensed

About Cal Construction Enterprises Inc.

Cal Construction offers residential and commercial contracting services, specializing in windows and doors. All phases of window and door installation.

  • Licensed
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Homeowner Reviews for Cal Construction Enterprises Inc.

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Review by Enny G.
May 19, 2019
No all parts I asked for were installed
Review by Tina B.
August 8, 2017
I submitted requests to multiple companies for quotes. Mike was the only one to call me back promptly and come out for an estimate same day. His price was reasonable and he seemed pretty knowledgeable. He was good about determining which side to slide to improve airflow. We signed the deal same day. It was a little annoying he usually only takes cash so I had to pay the credit card fee but I was happy to get started.

One of the things we discussed was that I was ordering blinds that were going to be set induce the frame so I needed at least 2 inches of frame/will to mount the blinds. Mike said no problem and assured me I could order the blinds.

I waited weeks for the windows and finally called to check. I was told they were coming and I was scheduled for that Saturday. No one had checked prior to see if that was ok. I was going out of town but figured I could make it work. That morning they told me they couldn't do it. They didn't come back until Tuesday. One guy on his own. Remy was nice and friendly.

I got home and saw the windows had been set so far into the frames that the blinds stuck out. I paid $3000 for the blinds and was not happy that they would now look funny. Mike and Remy suggested they could re-frame the windows with a thicker trim to offset the overlap. They would also need to install new window sills since there wasn't much room to even put a small plant.

Remy installed all 7 windows in one day and came back the next day to finish the trim. He informed me one of my screens was missing and he would have to get me another one. It has been 3 months and I still don't have that screen. Multiple times Remy said he would come out but another job airways interfered or was cancelled and he apparently couldn't be bothered to waste a trip just to bring my screen. I have spoken to Mike a couple times about it but still no screen.

When the install was complete Remy expected cash payment. I told him that Mike and I already discussed using a card. Mike called me the next day to arrange payment. Multiple times I confirmed the amount with him, it was in writing, and yet he charged my card $200 more than we agreed upon. I told him to hold it for now because I was going to have them do the sills.

Since they have been so flaky about the screen, I decided I didn't want them to do the sills/frames. I cashed Mike to ask for my refund and inquire about my screen. That was a month ago. I am still waiting for my refund and my screen. I also sent both him and Remy messages showing how the trim had already started peeling away but neither responded.

I debated 3 stars because the windows are nice and the price was reasonable but I went with 2 stars because of the bad service. I would suggest not paying for the job until it is completely done. Given my experience and other reviews I saw, they don't seem to care once they have their money.
Review by Mark B.
June 2, 2017
I've worked with Mike Calhoun on numerous projects and he has never let me down. Full disclosure, I sell the windows part-time. Every job I've ever sold has ended with a happy, satisfied customer. It's construction so obviously their can be challenges but when their are Mike Calhoun has always stepped up to the plate and left no issues unresolved. Their wide local Bay Area customer base and A+ BBB rating speaks volumes. Cal Enterprises is the real deal!
Review by Matt M.
January 19, 2017