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Since I started PetersenDean 35 years ago, we have fulfilled our mission of delivering world-class roofing and solar power systems at the best possible value for our customers. Now, more than ever, I believe that solar power should be accessible for all Americans. In fact, this year, an independent review of California Solar Initiative (CSI) data shows that for the last 12 months, PetersenDean has achieved the most affordable solar installation price. The Solar4America campaign is my concept to deliver transparency in solar pricing and drive down the costs of solar power. No "financial magic" or "accounting tricks," just a fair price and commitment to quality installation. We look forward to earning your business.
- Respectfully, Jim Petersen, Founder

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Homeowner Reviews for PetersenDean

16 reviews
Review by marc D
September 13, 2019
If you like waiting forever to get anything done and a list of excuses these are your people! The installers that came out were great. The electrician that upgraded the service box was very unprofessional so contacts were overall about a 3 out of five. Project management is an issue. I have to call to find out whats going on. I would think it would be the other way around since I'm paying cash. For these reasons I could not recommend them to anyone
Review by Cyndy G
August 27, 2019
I signed contract May 1st to have new roof and solar installed and was told by salesman that it would be done by end of June. Salesman is no longer with the company. From day one it's been a nightmare. June 26th I was told my electrical panel needed updating. As of today, Aug. 27th, I'm still waiting for electrician to upgrade my panel to get solar in. My licensed electrician could have done it right away but they could not approve him. To top it off, my car was damaged when they threw stuff in dumpster and 8 weeks later I'm still trying to get approval to have repaired. Girls in office are very nice and courteous but I would not wish this nightmare on anyone.
Review by Donald G
August 6, 2019
Everything is working well. They arrived when scheduled and performed the work quickly and cleaned up afterword. All the employees were friendly and courteous. The schedule was explained and expectations were met. I would recommend them to anyone. When PG&E caused delays, PetersenDean worked to get them back to complete their work.
Review by David B.
May 20, 2019
They wanted $49 (refundable) to come and give a quote. I declined.
I have since contracted another roofer to do the job.
Review by Tim R
April 15, 2019
I had an outstanding experience all around. Pricing was competitive...I paid a little more but I an inverter warranty that was twice as long as every other bid that I got....25 years instead of 12 years. All warranties on my system were for 25 years....panels, inverter, optimizers, racking AND installer workmanship (from a company that has been around for 35 years). That gave me a great deal of peace of mind. I chose panels that were assembled in the US....that might not be important to everyone, but that is very important to me. I wanted American made inverters as well, but they informed me that currently there are no Tier 1/utility-compliant residential inverter companies (that have module level optimization and monitoring, like I had asked for) that are made in the US. I appreciated the honesty. Good small glitch, but they apologize and didn't make the sames mistake a second time. They gave me accurate expectations as to how the process would go, and they beat their estimated timeline on each step. Clean cut, professional installer that communicated the process well regarding what would happen and made sure I was OK with their building plans on the day of install....I had OK'ed plans electronically a few week before, so no surprises or on-the-spot decisions needed. They did all the utility paperwork and called me the day SCE gave granted permission to turn it on....then walked me through what to do. System has been on for 3 months now. Has met or exceeded the original production estimates that were given to me in the proposal. Couldn't be happier. My $375 bill in April became $5 in May.
Review by Trish P
February 11, 2018
I am both an employee and a customer of PetersenDean. Today, I take my employee hat off and put on my customer experience hat. PetersenDean installed a new GAF roof and two solar power systems on my home and barn in 2016. Everything went as planned and over the course of a week, the transformation was amazing. Our old wood roof was gone and a new fire safe heavy duty laminate shingle was installed. Beautiful. The solar power system is awesome because it saves us money and produces clean energy for our use. We are saving about $5,000 annually as well.

PetersenDean is the gold standard of roofing and solar and has been for four decades. They have built over a million roofs and hundreds of thousands of solar power systems and I am happy to both work for them and have the highest quality products on my home.
Review by BB H.
July 8, 2019
Review by Wendy B.
July 1, 2019
Review by Martin H.
June 7, 2019
Review by George B.
June 3, 2019
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