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About Your Energy Pros LLC

Your Energy Pros are a team of local, dedicated energy professionals, not salesmen, with a passion for helping people get the very best results and value from energy upgrades and solar installations. We are technology and company neutral which means that we have the freedom to design systems using the technology that is best suited for you and help you obtain the best value quotes from highly rated professional installers.

With over 60-years of engineering expertise in the energy field, we are your one stop solution provider. Our free energy audit covers an energy assessment of your Windows, HVAC system, Attic Insulation, Hot Water Tank, Roofing, Pool Pump, Electric Vehicle and Charger, etc.

Once weve completed the audit, we will make recommendations on improving your energy use. We will design the optimal Solar System using the technology thats right for you, your particular situation and budget. We will then negotiate with several highly rated local installers to bring you the very best quote.

Contact us today for answers to your questions and let Your Energy Pros be your advisers for energy independence.

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Homeowner Reviews for Your Energy Pros LLC

6 reviews
Review by Michael B.
August 4, 2019
Extremely informative on the process and technology of solar power for homes.
Review by Gary C
May 14, 2019
Where do I start? First, for any guidance regarding anything solar, Call Mr. Steve Luck of YOUR ENERGY PROS. Why? I’m sure everyone remembers the torrential rains of winter 2018/19. I certainly do. 2 roof leaks in February on my 30+ year old original roof. Knowing I would need a complete “lift and relay” of my tile roof, I knew I would have to float a loan for repair and if so decided to include a PV solar installation as well. During my search for a Roofing contractor and Solar contractor I was refereed to “YOUR ENERGY PROS” by one of the Roofing Contractors I had contacted. I received a call from Mr. Steve Luck. We chatted on the phone for well over 1 hour. He presented himself and his partner as Consultants for potential PV solar customers, with no particular allegiance to any solar product manufacturer nor any particular solar installation company. Their only goal is to interview and work with potential customers to help them obtain the solar system that best fit the needs of the new solar system owner. I explained I was a retired Factory HVAC service technician and somewhat self taught solar guy having recently built a small “off grid” solar system in Baja. Our discussion included the urgency I was under with the leaking roof andsoon to expire Federal tax credit. Also, including my scheduled double knee replacement surgery late February. Over the next 2 months I interviewed 3 roofing contractors and 4 solar contractors (including one sheister contractor) all while consulting with Steve of Your Energy Pros. With his help we went through three design changes and I signed a contract for installation of my system which began immediately after my roof repairs were completed.
My solar system was installed by Smart Solar Designs. in 4 days over the next 2 weeks due to persistent spring rains. I could not be happier!
Review by will H
February 1, 2019
Customer service is top notch. Quality product!!! Delivers as described. I no longer have an electric bill. Energy pros are the best in San Diego. I would recommend them to anyone.
Review by Jill S
January 30, 2019
We are so pleased with our choice to go solar, and specifically trusting the Energy Pros design and expertise to help guide us. They really do know their stuff. The other companies we had design and bid did the typical review of our SDGE bill to design a solar plan for us but the Energy Pros dug into how we used our power and found that our older pool pump was consuming 1/3 of our power. They spent time talking us through what we should replace it with and other energy saving ideas in the house. They helped us understand how the panels worked and best option for our house specifically. Their design was so well thought out and doesn’t look so obvious from the front with half the panels on the backside of the roof.

These guys watched our project progress and helped us understand the process. It was such s great help. They work with solar companies to design and sell their products so there is no extra charge to use their service. I highly recommend using the Energy Pros for your solar design and other energy savings needs. They have very great experience and have a passion to share that knowledge.
Review by Andrea G
January 23, 2019
Jonathan and Steve Luck were on site at our property the whole time during the installation. They made sure that everything was running smoothly and interacted with the contractors . You’re very very happy with our solar… They walked us through from the very beginning to the absolute end. I have referred them to many people who are also equally satisfied! . They are a great team and we highly recommend them.
Review by Stacey W
September 7, 2018
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