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Solar green Constrution

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About Solar green Constrution

Solar green construction it’s been in business for many years we are committed to help the community and to satisfied there needs.

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Homeowner Reviews for Solar green Constrution

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Review by Matthew G.
July 19, 2013
I've used Moore Solar to install many solar arrays for my clients. What I love about them is that they really know the ins and outs of the paperwork deal. I've dealt with larger companies where the rebates get jammed up, don't happen, take forever, etc and it's all about who is handling it for you and how much they know. They are consistantly lower priced than most other solar companies to boot.
Review by Gregory S.
November 30, 2012
I have been very interested in Solar even long before I owned a home and so once I bought a house getting solar on the roof was on the list of, “must do’s” Having been a contractor I have had the occasion to see the work of many different professionals some good and some bad. Over the years I have worked with Jerry Moore as a contactor and as well have seen a number of his solar installations and there work is constantly top quality. So it was a no brainer for me when I was finally ready to install the system. Jerry and Veronica came over and gave us recommendations on how best to go about the project. Prior to the solar going up, our roof had to be re-done, Jerry and his team worked with our roofer to get the roofing jacks installed, (the stands that are bolted to the roof and hold the system up). There by ensuring that the warrantee on the roof wasn’t compromised.Veronica and the girls in the office are the masters of the permitting and rebates line. They took care of all the paper work and as well recommended a finance guy who had a special low interest energy efficiency home improvement loan. That made the financing of the project very easy. My loan payments are less than my previous electrical bill. The system is projected to pay for its self in three years of savings and then is guaranteed to last 25 years at the end of which I will have saved and estimated 250,000 dollars that is of course an estimate.There are a few things that I would recommend when researching a solar company. A. don’t get the leased system if you can possibly help it while it is a better deal than paying the utility company the solar company is going to make a whole lot of money off of your roof that you could be making. B, go with a company that does their own estimates and stands behind their work without BS. Some of the large companies have teams of sales people out in the field selling the systems who really don’t have a clue about what they are doing. They sell the system and then the real guy comes out to see if they can do the job for real. When Moore Solar and Green Construction gave me a bid they had done the work on the bid themselves and had done a fair amount of the engineering before the contract was even signed. I was very confident that I was getting the best system and set up for the money. I highly recommend Moore Solar and Green construction. If you are serious about the matter you can contact Moore solar and have them bring you to me house for a live demonstration Greg SaundersPacoima, CA.