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We have over 25 yrs experience in Solar panel & back up battery design and installation from commercial to residential

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Homeowner Reviews for Stars.Energy

5 reviews
Review by Claudia
August 30, 2019
BEWARE!!! They lie and then lie some more. They will forge your signature to trap you, of course you won’t know they signed for you until it’s too late. Then you find out and they promise a discount for your troubles and since you are now trapped with a ridiculously high interest contract with a shady financial company. They promise a discount in a form of a check. They give you the paper and you believe them . It happened to me. 4 months later and am getting billed. Panels are not activated and of course no discount check. They don’t answer the phones or return calls. They collected their money on 3/26/19 and yet it’s a simple inspection and they are choosing not to do it because they are angry I called them out on their lies and forgery . Stay away from them. They don’t care about their costumers . Also the so called tax rebate, is a non refundable tax credit that only benefits you if you have a tax liability. They dangle the money in front of you, saying you can give the money towards the panels to save on the high interest. But no money . No refund.. just a bill and a headache. The panels are about 27300 when you are done paying in 21 years and 8 months. You will have paid over 17k in interest .. depending on the rate you got of course. So be wise and do your research. This people are not to be trusted. THERE ARE A LOT OF US WRONGED!!! EMAIL ME WE CAN GET A GROUP TOGETHER AND SUE . CALL OR TEXT ME AT (613) 519-7179 . I have spoken to lawyers but they want more people involved. So please just text me or call. We can’t let them get away with this.
Review by Tommy D
August 12, 2019
My panels were installed last year, but never connected. For the last year I have been paying for the solar panel loan plus my electric bill. I am trying to complete the connetion and paperwork but the company owner has blocked my calls and messages. Its hard. I have 3 kids and i make 18 per hour. I cant afford this anymore. Please help me connect these solar panels
Review by oz S
August 12, 2019
Worst company ever they installed system on my house and never interconnected the system with Edison we are still paying electric company and solar financing company!!!! Beware of Rigoberto Delgadillo
Review by Daniel W
April 21, 2019
Stars Energy Corporation is a company that has that rare combination of thorough, knowledgeable professionalism and laid-back ease-to-work-with culture. Moreover, they deliver on their promises. The installation was clean and professional and accomplished in one day. Theirs follow up was meticulous. A pleasure to work with.
Review by Malcolm T
October 10, 2018
Well from start to finish. They made the procedure so easy.They handled everything in the most professional manner. The installation took one day. When they left there wasn't a speck on the property. Cleaned up. Also the neatness of the work. I would recommend them to my families and friends.
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