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We are a specialized construction company focusing on giving our customers solar installations with pride and craftsmanship that they should expect. Our goal is to leave our customers with a worry free construction experience where projects are attended to promptly, professionally and with clear channels of communication.

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Homeowner Reviews for Gold Rush Energy Solutions

8 reviews
Review by Randy S
December 16, 2019
I was very impressed with Gold Rush Energy Solutions. The ratings were excellent, and they lived up to them. Met Jasmine at a car show and explained we had been turned down by Tesla due to a tile roof the day of installation. She took photos of our tile roof, reviewed our electric bill, developed a plan explained our options, and was able to answer all the questions or concerns that we had. I was concerned the project would take forever but this was not the case. Installation was completed 46 days from first contact and 28 days from offer acceptance. Katie kept me updated with the installation schedule and any questions that came up were quickly answered. The install was seamless and completed in 1 day. The installers were very professional and polite. If you’re looking for solar installer and thinking of a project that is out of the norm, these are the people to deal with. I would highly recommend this company.
Review by Ricardo C
December 3, 2019
So glad my wife and I hired gold rush, they did an amazing job. Their attention to detailed was impressive . Will totally recommend them to do your solar project:)
Review by will S
November 18, 2019
Came out and inspected our existing system, was very knowledgeable and was able to help us get a game plan for making our system more efficient and possibly adding a battery system. Will be using them for all our solar needs in the future!
Review by Mark F
October 21, 2019
I was very impressed with this company. I checked around prior to choosing a solar co. The ratings were excellent and Gold Rush Energy lived up to my expectations. From the beginning Benjamin came out and reviewed our electric bill and walked us through all the options and was able to answer any questions or concerns that we may of had.The install was seamless. I wanted a local company and was concerned once I signed the contract the project would take forever but this was not the case with this company. I was updated constantly and any questions that came up were quickly responded to. Emily called me personally and made sure I was aware of all the updates and timelines.The field installers, Sabastion and Edward were very knowledgeable and accommodating. I wanted to add a 22kw whole house generator to the project and Gold Rush installed that for me also. Everyone that I talked to was professional and polite. (sorry I dont remember everyones name but you were all great to work with!!)I am now generating power and have a generator to back our house in case of power outages.The system was a real clean install. I would highly recommend this company. and I tell everyone that may be thinking of installing solar to go with them you wont be sorry. THANKS GOLD RUSH ENERGY SOLUTIONS. I'll let everyone know.
Review by Christine P
August 30, 2019
This is a long review, hopefully worth you taking the time to read.

We've been working on getting solar on our property for 4 years now! It has been a very long journey for us, for most it should not be this long but we had some interesting challenges.

When I started the process we had three different meters on our property, one of them is 3-phase. We are now down to 2 meters, but having multiple meters added to the complexity. We also had wanted to put the solar panels on the roof of a barn structure we have, but unfortunately the building was not permitted properly by the previous owners. We also have a lot of tall Ponderosa Pine trees on the property that created a ton of shade issues.

Add to these "issues" the fact that we use a lot of power, so we were talking about installing a large, 60 panel residential system. All of these factors, and some others, made it very difficult to deal with many other solar companies. Some didn't even want to talk to us. We got into contract with one company and they couldn't complete the job, or weren't willing to deal with the challenges.

Then, when we were about to give up, along came Daniel Ramirez and the growing team at Gold Rush Energy! They dove right in and were able to solve the last challenge we had as well. Once we decided to go with a ground mount system we wanted to have a raised system so our animals could use it as a shelter in the pasture. Most companies were not offering something like this whereas Gold Rush Energy had it in their portfolio.

Due to the multiple power meter aggregation and the removal of one meter that we had, things took a while to get through PG&E's approval. The Gold Rush team were constantly hounding PG&E to get that approval done and giving me regular updates. Once we received our final approval the installation was scheduled for the next week!

I was initially a little worried that this is a growing company, what was the crew going to be like, how was their equipment, etc. They came on site with about 8 people, all very good work ethics, and some fairly new trenching equipment and tractors! They had a huge raised panel system to install and over 400' of trenching to do through some hard ground. I was impressed in how they got this project done!

If they can get through a difficult project like ours, they should have no problem with any other system they are working on!

Really looking forward to our solar production and seeing what our first annual true-up bill will look like, we should end up net zero with our efforts which is our goal! Thank you so much to Daniel and the whole team at Gold Rush Energy!
Review by Carmen N
January 31, 2019
If you’re looking to go solar, stop looking and call Gold Rush Energy. They are the best! Starting from Emily and Jessica who kept me informed of all that was going on with a very professional attitude. Eric was so helpful with the financing. Michelle, their operations manager is super nice and professional. Whenever I had a question, she would answer it very patiently. She is very courteous and has a very nice attitude. Their crew who installed my panels were Justin, Calvin and Matt. All 100% professional. We had 16 panels installed in 4 hours. So fast! So don’t look any further and call them, very reasonable pricing too!
Review by Jane P
January 27, 2019
We moved to our new home in November with the expectation that we would take advantage of the Federal 30% solar tax rebate before it expires.
After interviewing 6 or more solar enterprises we chose Gold Rush Energy Solutions because the sales representative, Daniel Ramirez had a thorough knowledge of the industry and equipment. We also had a narrow window for the installation and approvals to qualify for the rebate in 2018 and Gold Rush assured us that they could get the approvals needed and install the system in 2018 for the rebate. Daniel had also handled other projects in our area and had been recommend to us.
Once Daniel was given the authority to proceed with our solar project on November 26th he did so with tenacity. He personally expedited the permit necessary for our county and insured that the highest quality equipment for our installation was available. The installation was completed in 2 days and the personnel doing the installation worked tirelessly and were very professional. On December 13th we were given the “ok” by PG&E to turn our system on!
We would most certainly recommend Daniel Ramirez and Gold Rush Solutions to others wanting to install a solar system.
Review by Ke
February 12, 2018
We considered several solar installers for this major investment. We were very impressed with the responsiveness, technical knowledge, and professional courtesy of Gold Rush. They answered all of our questions, and made sure we understood all of our options. We did not have that same experience with the other companies. In addition, Gold Rush had a very competitive price, and something very important to us was that they committed to getting the system installed within 2 months. After we signed the contract, service even got better. The initial design was very fast, and were able to comment on it and get any questions clarified. Gold Rush handled the permitting with the City very quickly. And the installation only took one day. The installers were very professional and courteous. Gold Rush handled the paperwork with PG&E, and in the end, we were producing energy within approximately one month which exceeded our expectations. Gold Rush set up the monitoring software and showed us how to use it, it is very easy. Bottom line, the entire experience with Gold Rush throughout the major improvement process, was a joy. We would recommend them to anyone considering a home solar installation in the area.
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