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About Sunon Energy

SunOn Energy in an industry-leading solar provider serving residential and rural home owners in California. We are dedicated to providing honest and affordable solar solutions to our neighbors across this beautiful country.




9:00AM – 5:00PM
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9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Sunon Energy

4 reviews
Review by Tim H
September 10, 2018
Don't trust this company, they're crooks, First they told me my check
didn't clear and I needed to get them a cashiers check. I called my bank
and was informed the check was paid. Turns out their bank put a hold
on it. (Fraud Protection), Yeah right. I don't think they have any operating capitol. Now I get a mechanics Lien on my property threatening foreclosure. Turns out, they put solar on my home but didn't pay
their supplier for the material. Now I'm fighting with them over the
lien that is their problem in the first place. They have been paid in full
but apparently haven't paid the supplier. Beware !
Review by en S
September 7, 2017
They did a great job! I don't understand why everyone doesn't switch to Solar with SunOn. No down side.
Review by Hector G
May 18, 2017
Ryan, Angie, and Lisa helped me from SunOn Energy and they were all great. Make sure you go to SunOn Energy for all your solar needs. Great, reliable, and honest service.
Review by Tom W
April 18, 2017
Met with Larry Servis who was very helpful and informative about the services SunOn solar systems would provide if we decide to go with SunOn systems. My wife and I are still looking to talk to a few more solar companies before pulling the trigger on solar. However, the price seems to be where I want, and we are very interested.
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