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About Team All Star Construction

Team All Star Construction is a General & Roofing Construction company. We provide roofing, windows, hvac, insulation, patio covers, concrete, pavers, drought tolerant landcaping, painting, solar, window shutters, window film, window treatments, insulated carpeting, whole house fans, and most products and services that help homeowners reduce electricity usage, gas usage and water usage. We are a Green Services company.

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9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM
9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Team All Star Construction

5 reviews
Review by ali
January 5, 2020
I was amazed at the speed of completion. Geremy assured me they would send out a full team and have it done in a matter of days. In fact the roof would have been entirely completed in 2 days had there not been a bit of rain in between. The price was extremely reasonable and the quality of work could not have been better.
Review by Aki S
January 5, 2020
Larry and Geremy were extremely professional, thorough and accessible. They answered all my questions, which I had a lot of! Dealing with contractors sometimes they pick and choose what they want to include in the scope of work, but Team All Star made a list of all my requests and made sure I was happy with each and every one of them.Thanks
Review by jonc R
January 1, 2020
I panicked when I came home and found part of my ceiling collapsed from water damage. I went into action and started researching roofing companies around Los Angeles I kept seeing the name Team All Star Roofing and Construction over and over again with beaming reviews. I chose about 4 companies and Team All Star is the only one that had a professional, prompt response. In fact they were out to determine the scope of work in about 30 minutes from my very first phone call, well before other companies even responded.
Review by Sharon F
October 15, 2019
Great work by these guys what I thought would take at least 3 weeks to a month took about 5 days. My house looks NEW so HAPPY with what they did &just in time for the HOLIDAYS
Review by Manuel S
August 23, 2019
I was fortunate to get a return call from Larry, I called other contractors and no response.Larry gave me a price for a new tile roof and a paint job on my home,let me tell you the truth, both crews were top notch workers and met all my requests as I was watching the job day by day.Geremy the roofing foreman kept me posted.Finally the painters were like none I've had before these guys prepped and even notified me of bad wood I really appreciated their honesty.Larry has true professionals working for him.i watched the workers day in day out and they never cut corners.Larry we are greatly appreciative and very happy with our new Boral tile roof and the quality paint job on our home.Team All Star Construction I will recommend you to any one in need of a construction job on their home THANK YOU
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