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About New Power

We install enough solar panels on your house to cover your entire electric bill with no upfront cost. Once installed you pay a cheaper monthly bill that stays flat, never goes up and eventually goes away. We clean and maintain your panels at no extra charge for 20 years and warranty them for 30 years. The best thing is this is not a lease. You own them from the beginning. There is no extra pay off or lien or anything. We have a 5 star Yelp rating and A+ on the BBB.

  • Spanish Speaking
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
  • Offers Financing Options
  • Accepts Credit Card
  • Accepts Cash
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Homeowner Reviews for New Power

5 reviews
Review by John M
October 13, 2019
Awesome people !
Smarter then Throwing money away to the utility company, that’s always increasing. Best package and equipment, it’s a win win!
Review by ittany S
September 9, 2019
I had some representative from this company knock on my door and tell me that he’s just here to tell me about some senate bill that passed. I listened to him for about five minutes and then eventually told him I was not interested. He did not take no for an answer and told me that he will sit at my front door and get information from our electric company so the company will not have to bother us again. After 20 mins of him sitting INSIDE our house I eventually told him I’m not interested and he would need to leave. He responded with “you could’ve told me this 20 minutes ago and not wasted my time.“ He ran out of my house. I spoke with our neighbors later who said he was rude and pushy with them too. Please be aware of this company and their sneaky tactics!
Review by Mustafa N
August 30, 2019
This is a bate and switch company. Someone came to my door telling me that my house has been chosen for an energy related survey and that my hose has been chosen to be a generation station. He cLled SDG&E to get an average of my energy usage for the past year. He reassured me that because of the amount of energy my bouse uses that I would be chosen for the survey and my house will be a part of SB 100.
He then told me that another person will be coming to my home in 30 minuets to show me where they would install the solar panels.
The other man came and asked about my wife and my credit score and if we have been making our mortgage payments on time and if we dont have a credit score of 650 or better we wont qualifie for the program.
What in the F happened to my house being chosen to be a generation station? What happened to the survey?
They wasted my time. I told the first peronn that im not buying anything. Im the wrong person to try and play the old bate and switch on.
Why not be honest with people?
Review by Christopher A
August 10, 2019
So this company presents itself as working with the state of California to get everyone solar. They are basically a solar company that finances panels at super inflated prices. Wanted to charge is close to 27k for a system 3 other installers said they could do for close to 16k. Ridiculous. Guy was super nice until I said no to the price.
Review by Chelsea L
June 28, 2019
Had an employee come to my house. Long story short, I said I wasn’t interested and was busy. He said he’ll come back. I told him to take us off the list to come to our house again but he said he didn’t have it. I asked for company info or card and he said he didn’t have it. I told him to get out of our property. He continued to argue with me so I threatened to call the cops. He was a Young guy. He should never be working for customer service if he’s going to act like that.
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