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Sun Power Corporation

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About Sun Power Corporation

Since 1985, SunPower has been leading global solar innovation. SunPower solar panels consistently deliver more energy and long-term peace of mind with the highest performing solar power systems available. SunPower is the solar energy choice of more homeowners and businesses around the world. With a diversified global portfolio and more than 750 patents for solar technology, our total solar energy generated >18,000,000 megawatt hours (MWh).

  • Accepts Credit Card





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Homeowner Reviews for Sun Power Corporation

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Review by Essie W.
November 1, 2019
I have been on hold with customer service for 30+ minutes. This is an awful company. They installed rails on my roof and no solar panels. The local 'dealer' is out of business and cannot be reached. Corporate refuses to assist in this issue. Stay FAR away from SunPower and anyone who claims to use them!
Review by Erza M.
September 7, 2019
I will start by saying the installation process with Sun Power was excellent. They installed the panels quickly and were very responsive.

A 3.5 years later we need someone to come out and fix our system. I called on 8/26 and spoke with a very helpful customer support person. She walked me through some troubleshooting steps and we determined someone would have to come out to service our system.

This is where things went downhill. I was told I would receive a call within 10 days to schedule an appointment for someone to come out and fix our system. I was assured that it would most likely be less than 10 days to receive this call. This was odd. Why can't they schedule it on this first call? Anyway, I thank her for the attempt at fixing it and waited for the call.

Fast forward to mid-day 9/6, day 10. No call, no email, no communication. So I call and speak with another customer service person. This person informs me that they ordered the parts to fix my system and that I would have to wait another two weeks before they could schedule an appointment. At this point I feel like I am getting the run around. No one mentioned anything about ordering parts. When I pressed him for more information about why I now have to wait potentially another 10 days for a scheduling phone call after waiting 10 days for a scheduling call that never came. He very condescendingly reiterated what he said about the parts. I thanked him for that info and hung up.

We've been without Solar for 3 weeks now and SunPower doesn't really seem to care.

How do they know what parts they need if they haven't come out to see what's broken? Why can't you make an appointment if you know what you need to fix and have parts?

After reading reviews it seems that SunPower has turned into yet another Solar company that takes your money, puts panels on your roof and wishes you the best as they laugh all the way to the bank. Should have waited for the Tesla roof.
Review by madhu g.
June 26, 2019
App is great, can seen power gen and consumption in a jiffy.
Nice people. work gets done on time.
importantly, power gen fell below the design! they were quick and nice to settle the diff. Dealt with SunPower directly ... no middle man
Review by Brett H.
June 19, 2019
The Sales representative Steve Gross was extremely helpful and supportive through the whole process. He was very informative. If he didn't know the answer he would find out quickly. He even helped months after the install. He is the reason I increased my panels by 50%. SunPower is very lucky to have him.

The supervisor of the install worker's was also very informative. I can recommend SunPower panels.
Review by Paul B.
June 12, 2019
The team at SunPower did a fantastic job organizing, facilitating and supporting the entire job from beginning to end. The project management team was outstanding as well as the installation coordination. Even after the installation was completed, they stayed In touch to this day just checking in to see how things are going. Their customer service is phenomenal, and always willing to answer even the most silliest questions. My electric bill went from 200+ dollars a month to just $17 which is a connection fee. We are beyond happy with their product.