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5 reviews
Review by aisong H
February 26, 2019
It took Tesla (SolarCity) more than 3 months to start generating after installation - June, July and August were wasted in New England. They sent a message to a wrong Eversource email address (with a typo, didn't the message bounce back?) which caused the huge delay, this error was found by me, if not for my own investigation, the panels are still sleeping on my roof. I contacted the customer service, they are the worst ever. I contacted the agent who sold me the panels more than 5 times by phone and email, never heard back from him. I just realized, Tesla (SolarCity) never informed me the next steps to sell my electricity on SREC or SMART. I lost hundreds of dollars due to their ignorance and hours of my precious time communicating to them, all I have gotten are cold answers. This experience made me cancelled my Tesla Model 3 order.
Review by Richard C
May 30, 2017
We had a very pleasant experience working with SolarCity. This started with the sales consultant who came out, went through the whole process and, and negotiated the final cost. It continued with the engineers who came out to finalize the panel locations. Finally, the installation crew was efficient and did a nice clean up job.
Review by Rich J
May 25, 2017
The customer service is absolutely terrible. After seeing a Arc Fault of my investor, I attempted to place a service call. It took 4 emails and many phone calls before I finally was contacted by a sales rep. Their call center is worthless. Unless you have a direct number for a local technician expect 2-3 weeks lead time before someone will actually come to your house.

My panels were producing 1/2 of the energy they should have for over a month due to an installation error, resulting in higher than expected electric bills. Now repaired, the panels are now generating close to the amount that I was promised. Despite commitments to make good on their screw-up , I've incurred $300 in unexpected bills that I have yet to be compensated for by the local Solar City.

Also, the Nest Thermostat is a piece of junk, I had it removed. There is no way to run the fan without turning on the heat or AC. Not exactly the best of your goal is efficiency.

Bottom line, solar city is just another corporation. They woo you with incentives and options and oversell the competency of their staff just to sell a product. Once they get paid, they could care less about their customers or the products.
Review by Yusuf
May 25, 2017
Solar City made sure I was a happy costumer from the day we started making decisions about having solar on my roof and was very clear with the paper work each time it was emailed to me. I got follow up calls just making sure everything is alright
Review by Ja
June 23, 2016
All of the people I dealt with were great. All my questions were answered and I feel they really went over and above my expectations. I would gladly recommend Solar City to anyone I know that is interested in getting solar - which should be anybody that doesn't already have it. The difference in my electric bill makes me smile every time
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