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About Renewable Technologies, Inc.

Renewable Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in Amador County, California, on December 30, 1996, having been a sole proprietership since 1994. It was started out of a desire to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil, by Founder and CEO, Darryl J. Conklin. Currently based in Stockton, CA, we are a California Corporation, conducting business throughout the United States. We are general contractors with the following classifications: General B General Building, C-10 Electrical, and C-46 Solar (License # 724725), with a full design, engineering and installation staff.

Our reputation has been established at the State and Federal level with the introduction of our SolarStar Electrical Energy System. We are recognized as an integrator of choice with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Agriculture, California State Irrigation Districts and others.

Most importantly, Renewable Technologies, Inc. recognizes its commitment to our customersnot to the completion of the sale, but through the entire warranty period and beyond. We truly create lasting partnerships with our clients, and thats its own greatest reward.

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