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We shift the world away from the centrally controlled, dirty energy grid and enable you to power your home from your own rooftop with sustainable energy.

The benefits of going Solar includes saving thousands of dollars, start savings from day 1, low payback period, increase your home value, take advantages of incentives, solar is a secure investment, guaranteed performance, save the environment, create energy independence, and solar is easy.

We can provide an easy no cost, no obligation Solar Assessment to help you see how Solar would look like for you and your home and give you a detailed Solar Proposal to show you all the savings you would benefit from for going Solar.

We're a nationwide Solar company specializing in providing the highest quality & most cost effective Solar panels in the entire industry because of our partnerships with top Solar providers in all areas of the United States.

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Homeowner Reviews for POWUR

4 reviews
Review by Craig H.
March 12, 2019
this is the 2nd company that doesnt want to sell solar. Amazing but you should just tell people they dont need it and move on. Thanks for clarifying that you are far to busy.
Review by Tarolynn P.
March 25, 2019
Review by Stephen R.
March 9, 2019
Review by Dennis K.
March 1, 2019
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