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Denver and Colorado Springs tub-to-Shower conversions and tub replacement from Colorado Living are beautiful, masterfully installed, and guaranteed to last you for life. Are you more of a shower person than bath person? Do you want an inexpensive way to update your bathroom without the hassle of a costly, time-consuming full bathroom remodel? If so, a Colorado Living tub-to-shower conversion is the PERFECT solution for you. We can turn your inaccessible tub into a beautiful, barrier-free, low-maintenance, cost-effective shower within just one day and at a tremendously reasonable price. If you love your tub are looking to update or replace your tub, we can do that in just one day too!






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Homeowner Reviews for Colorado Living

6 reviews
Review by Maureen D
November 6, 2019
We had our beautiful new shower installed by Kurt and Melissa from Colorado Living. We are sooo pleased with how it turned out. Kurt and Melissa were awesome! They were very professional and personable. They are a great asset to your company! I will highly recommend you all! Thank you so much.
Review by Robert M
November 6, 2019
Kurt and Melissa were amazing, they were also very professional while being totally down to earth at the same time, they worked very quickly, did exceptional work even while I was talking there ear off and cleaned up after they were done.They are good people that know there job in and out with years of experience way beyond there ages while being very polite. I'm old school about customer service and satisfaction and they met and exceeded those standards.Maybe they will let me buy them and their family dinner sometime. Awesome husband and wife team
Review by Sean M
November 2, 2019
One bathtub redone last week. One shower this week. Both sets of installers were friendly and professional and did outstanding work. Marc also did a great job of explaining the process and the product to us. Very pleased with this company.
Review by Carroll S
October 31, 2019
I am most pleased with Keith and Cas! They did an absolutely wonderful job and I am very grateful for the products that were installed in our bathroom. Those 2 guys can work in my place any day of the week! I would recommend your product and their work to anyone! You should see the smile on my wife's face!!! Carroll S.
Review by Steven S
October 28, 2019
Finally got it done and we are glad it is over. The end result is what we wanted but getting CL to deliver was not easy and we were lied to on more than one occasion. 1. September 14 - The salesman told us the material we wanted was in stock. Untrue. 2. September 16 - We were told by CL personnel our material had been ordered. Untrue. In fact, CL didn't order our material until September 28. They did this in order to wait on payment from our finance company so they had money up front. This put us in the classic uncomfortable position of dealing with a contractor who had already been paid in full and felt comfortable completing the job when they felt like it. 3. September 30 - We were told our installation was scheduled for October 22. Untrue. By the time October 22 came around we were given three different stories why CL could not make it. 4. We were told by the CL salesman and CL personnel that our installation would be performed by CL employees. Untrue. In fact, our installation was done by Handyman Supreme who we could have contracted directly and not had to go through CL at all. 5. We told CL we were only available on a Monday or a Tuesday. CL assured us they could handle those days. Untrue. Our installation had to be done on a Wednesday because of CL's no show on October 22. I had to cancel work appointments so I could provide CL access to complete the project. CL did their best to schedule our installation when they knew we were not available or would be out of town. Their intentions on scheduling approached the point of malicious behavior. And speaking to the females at CL on the phone was an infuriating experience. I am an independent contractor also in the IT industry. The CL salesman solicited me for referrals to my business contacts. I would hesitate to refer anyone to Colorado Living. Don't get me wrong, the work was well done. But CL made obtaining the work and the product as difficult as they could. One final note: We were told by the installer not to use the shower for 48 hours. Kind of makes getting ready for work troublesome. And now that we have had a chance to use the shower we have determined they cut the drain pan 1" too narrow and the curb 1/4" too short. Very unhappy.
Review by Cathy B.
November 24, 2019
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