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CAM Solar (CO)

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About CAM Solar (CO)

We are Colorado's premier Solar engineering firm, and we offer the best technology, engineering, and customer service at an affordable price. We are the #1 choice for Colorado homeowners

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Homeowner Reviews for CAM Solar (CO)

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Review by Doug K.
October 17, 2019
The actual crew that installed my panels were decent hard working guys, but they seemed to be inefficient which I suspect is a byproduct of the company as a whole. They took an extremely long time to process permits and get on site to do the work (>45 days and yes some of that time is local permitting process). I never received any communications from them directly and my project manager had a very difficult time getting answers from them. I've had to panels installed now for 50 days, but only able to produce power for about 16 days (because they didn't pass inspections 3 times) and I still don't have access to the online viewing of my system (because I'm apparently not a priority now that they've completed installation)
Review by Jake C.
September 20, 2019
Even though CAM Solar had the best equipment, price, and warranty out of 7 companies we tried, it was the salesman who turned us away from using them.
It took several emails before he understood that he gave us a proposal for a neighbor's house (I had to show him several photos of each roof to clarify it). His final text after we told him we went with a different company seemed to be a personal attack and told me that I was not an honest person and didn't value any one else's time. Then the phone call to his supervisor revealed that this salesman's attitude is already known to them and he hasn't figured out how to handle customers' opinions or comments. Great company, not so sure about the other sales people, but I'm sure someone might have better luck with them.
Review by Abhay N.
September 9, 2019
The sales person only wanted to pitch his script instead of listening to my questions or even holding a conversation. Rude and unprofessional.

The additional star is to acknowledge Sara, whom I followed up with. She was polite and took my info off their system promptly. The owners should consider letting her contact customers rather than the used car salesman they seem to have employed.
Review by Rory B.
August 1, 2019
All activities leading up to installation were great! Sales person Chris was superb, explained everything in detail, answered all of my questions very professionally. Once the panels were installed and the system was activated, the system produced solar power for 1-1/2 months until our inverter went kaput. It then took 3 weeks for the new inverter to be replaced, during which time we lost 26 days of July sun. Had it not been for this incident, CamSolar would
have had a 5 star rating. Can't blame it on CamSolar, blame it on the manufacturer of the inverter.
Review by Stephanie W.
May 1, 2019
Kurt and Chris with CAM have to be the absolute worse people I’ve dealt with in the customer service industry. I work a busy schedule and simply asked them to communicate through email and send the proposal for my review prior to our phone call and they refused. Their version of sending it “prior” to our meeting was sending it at the time of the meeting. If their price is too high, why would I waste my time talking to them? If I have questions on their quote, wouldn’t it be nice if I could review their quote prior, write my questions down, then have them ready for our call? Apparently that’s not how they work and their lack of bending from their norm is an absolute black eye for this company.

They made it seem like I would had no idea what I was looking at if they sent the proposal over. Maybe if they took the time to ask the right questions, they would know that I have an extensive background in commercial construction and I’ve installed multiple solar arrays commercially. Hence why I wouldn’t want to waste my time with a sales pitch that they kept pushing on me. As you can see in the attached email exchanges, they do not care for their potential customers.

For a business that is held with such high accord (according to their reviews), they let me walk because of their stubborn ways. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, but best of luck dealing with these guys...