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A persons home is the place that they can find peace and should be something they are proud to come home to. If you are proud of your home then the people who work on it should be too. Our goal at Refined Exteriors is to provide reliable and trustworthy contracting services that result in an excellent finished product that both our clients and our employees can be proud of.




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Homeowner Reviews for Refined Exteriors

5 reviews
Review by Allison A
October 1, 2019
Refined Exteriors did a great job fixing our garage siding. Not only did they come out and match the color and type of siding, they did it quickly and efficiently. They also kept us updated every step along the way and got the job done quickly. I am a very satisfied customer and will most certainly be using them in the future!
Review by Kevin D
May 5, 2019
I had an awful experience with this company and would not recommend them to anyone. First they told me they would do all of the work that the insurance company was covering and they took a $4000 deposit. Months later they told me that if i wanted them to paint then I would need to pay them out of pocket even though this was covered by insurance.

After the company finally started the project I came home to find their roofers sitting in a circle in my driveway drinking beer. The workers cleaned up as soon as they saw me and in doing so left nails all over my lawn and driveway. When i contacted Jon abut this he told me his partner hadn't seen any nails and essentially called me a liar. He eventually sent a person out to sweep for nails again, however I continue to find them all around my house.

Overall this was an awful experience and i feel like I was scammed out of getting my house painted so my house looks awful after their completed work.
Review by DJ N
March 18, 2019
Wanted to let everyone know how pleased I was with the job Refined Exteriors did. I asked them to step in while I was in the process of moving and they helped ever step of the way. They dealt with the insurance company, gave me competitive pricing and help me obtain a decent settlement with the insurance. Without them I would have been at a loss as to how to get things done in a timely manner. The owner has been more than helpful and helping me get what was needed to get this done. I am very happy with the company and would recommend to anyone wanting their roof replaced, either for closing or for a normal business transaction. Many thanks to Refined Exteriors for the help and tremendous job they did for me!
Review by Darren W
January 3, 2019
The team at Refined Exteriors is second to none! From the initial contact with them to the final nail being driven, this team worked with a level of professionalism, dedication, and realism that I was not expecting from a roofing company. Jon is simply a guy who gets it, is empathetic towards your situation, and can view the job from the homeowner's perspective. I appreciated their help with colors and venting options that have made my house look great, and live more temperature stable. Thanks Refined Exteriors!
Review by Denny C
October 15, 2018
The team at Refined Exteriors were laidback, no-nonsense, and always on time. We talked with a lot of contractors after the hail storm in 2017 and were extremely happy with our decision to work with Refined Exteriors to replace our roof and gutters. They handled everything with the insurance company and compared to everyone else we talked with made the process super straightforward.
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