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Zoetic Solar is the leading solar panel engineering company in Denver, and our solar energy experts provide real solutions for your increasing energy needs by creating a custom solar system

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Homeowner Reviews for Zoetic NRG

6 reviews
Review by Jaymie M
January 27, 2020
I do not recommend solar if you have IREA. I'm not sure if it's different with another electric company, but we were told our electric bill would be $12.50 a month. What I wasn't told was there is a surcharge for electrical usage during prime times. When I called IREA about my bills still being over $70 a month (over $120 last month), I was told I should try not using my furnace or A/C at night and don't run 2 appliances at one time. This is not reasonable if you have kids, cook, clean, do laundry, etc. Hind sight is 20/20, but hopefully I can help others not make this huge investment hoping to save money and go green. We also never got a call from our salesman after the install. No explanation of how to use the app or understand it. No additional energy saving LED lights as promised. Absolutely no follow up. Plus, the install was delayed until after the new year, so the 30% tax rebate won't be able to be spread out over 2 returns. You only have 18 months to pay the 30% back or the payment goes up significantly. We will be fine with it, but for anyone who doesn't pay an enormous amount in taxes, you may find yourself in a bind. You cannot claim it until after it is turned on.
Review by Holly J
September 16, 2019
We have been dealing with Trevor at Zoetic. He has been nothing short of amazing! The whole process has been easy. Our panels were just installed and they look great! They use efficient Panasonic panels that are top of the line. My husband and I have absolutely no regrets going through Zoetic!
Review by Johnny M
August 25, 2019
In the beginning everything went quite smoothly, until we needed to coordinate with the local authorities. We had to inform 3 different people that we had an HOA before that approval process started. We then found out that there was an error when submitting to our utility company and had to wait an additional 2 months before being connected to them. The most frustrating part was the lack of communication during the process. Our phone calls and messages frequently went unanswered. The panels are finally up and running and we are satisfied with their production and installation.
Review by David M
August 2, 2019
We have had an extremely positive experience with Zoetic Solar. Sam, our salesman, is not only very personable and kind, but extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well. He has been extremely responsive, even through a family emergency that he had. He has taken care of every concern we've had quickly, efficiently, and has interfaced with the other companies they subcontract for us in every case we've asked. I'm so impressed, I have already ordered solar from him for my home in Colorado Springs as well. Thanks Sam and Zoetic Solar for a great experience!
Review by Heather F
May 28, 2019
Our solar panels are fully functioning as of today! Although the project took longer than we expected (5 months) from signing the papers to fully functional, we are so pleased with the results. Zoetic and their partner companies have been super helpful in walking us through the process, friendly and professional in all communication, and more than willing to answer any questions. Bring on the summer sun!
Review by Matthew T
April 27, 2019
My wife and I had the opportunity to work with Jordon while setting up the initial financing for our solar panels. He walked us through the presentation and his information and knowledge regarding the install and how the system would work was thorough. We both enjoyed working with him and he took the time to make sure we were comfortable will all aspects of the process.
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