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We here at Phoenix Clean Energy are passionate about contributing to a world which does not depend on power from fossil fuels. We aim be a Solar company that helps residential and commercial customers reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints. We assist customers and love watching them achieving their goals of cost stability & energy independence across the world. This allows all of us to conserve our environment and provide an active role in improving the world.

  • Accepts Credit Card





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Homeowner Reviews for Phoenix Clean Energy

10 reviews
Review by Joh
December 24, 2019
In presenting solar panels to us, the salesman stated upgrades they would make to our home would cut our electricity 20% so that the solar panels would cover 100% of our electrical usage. They also said we would get a tax credit to pay off about 30% of the cost. The upgrades to the home made little to no difference to our electrical usage, and our tax credit will be spread out over 7 years. As a result, the panels don't cover our electrical usage and we have a much bigger loan to deal with. We were sold on the idea that solar panels would save us money but they have increased our monthly cost. I've tried multiple times to get help from Phoenix Clean Energy, I've sent them my utility bills proving my electrical usage has not gone down, and they have done nothing. They rarely respond and when they do they offer no solutions. They offered great service and response while the panels were installed, but once the loan paid for the panels, they have ignored my requests for help. I learned a hard lesson on this one. If you are interested in using Phoenix Clean Energy, do not believe the numbers the sales person presents. They will not help you achieve those numbers.
Review by Timothy A
December 21, 2019
Totally do not recommend anyone get involved with Phoenix Clean Energy. Talk a real good game to get you sucked in, but then falls way short of doing what they say. Still waiting, 4 months later, for someone to come out and see why the sense unit isn't working. I don't expect for them to ever show face.
Review by Neil S
December 18, 2019
I was asked to give a review. Probably not the best timing for them to ask for this as it's now been three months, no install has happened, and the end of the year is fast approaching and I was promised they'd be up and running before the end of the year. Last week I called AGAIN for an update. I was told they'd be installed THIS week, but they needed to confirm the date and time. Never heard from them again to set a date and time. Emailed them this morning, and the response was "We're unsure when now due to the Holidays."

I've given a one star rating for the following reasons.
Poor communication.
Haven't delivered on promises.
Still no real idea when my solar panels will be installed.

Should things change, I'll reevaluate my review.
Review by David K
December 17, 2019
Phoenix Clean Energy provided me with my solar panels. They made tp process easy for me, the user. Since installing my panels, my monthly electric bills have been $0. I would highly recommend you call Phoenix and switch to clean energy.
Review by Michael S
December 17, 2019
From the initial presentation, to the energy loss reduction steps, and then the solar panels being installed, we have always received professional and personable services from Phoenix Clean Energy and the companies that they partner with to complete our solar project. We are excited and looking forward to having our new windows installed through Phoenix Clean Energy.
Thank you Phoenix Clean Energy for making our home become one that makes the world a better place by being more energy efficient and using solar power!
Review by Erica V
October 10, 2019
Save your money and go with another solar company. I have had nothing but problems from a long installation process to contracts. They tell you lies to get you to sign and then don't answer your questions via email or phone. I have several concerns and no one is returning my phone call even when they schedule a call with you. It's terrible that they promise you great things and don't deliver.
Update: We are talking and good things should happen. But I will wait and see.
Review by Gary C
June 26, 2019
These guys did an awesome job! I had three bids and they had a price match guarantee and actually beat the competitors prices! With better equipment! Lucky me!
Review by yan E
May 31, 2019
Super greasy sales approach. Instead of providing any kind of over-the-phone quote/estimate like other solar installers, they bait you into an onsite visit with a promise of beating their competition by 10%. They then quote an insanely high price and insist it's because they're offering a different product.

To top it off, they use car salesman tactics to try to close the deal right there before they leave: you'll get all kind of extras if you sign now, but it's a limited program that they only have so many spaces for, and the last space is being held for you just today! Seriously! They gave me a "program ID" of 49 and there's only 50 available. Then they came by to "confirm the program ID" and found out that #49 was used up yesterday, so they held #50! If you don't sign now, they're releasing that number and you won't get all the extras! The "call your manager" is the oldest trick in the car salesman book and it's being used here.

You can smell the excrement a mile away. Don't waste your time with this installer.
Review by Chris P
May 22, 2019
High pressure sales with incredibly high prices. Bottom tier sales associates to executive management are gifted with the used car sales man gift complete with a unified solar city boogie man scapegoat. The package they bring you sounds great, but be prepared to sign on the dotted line on the first visit. I would highly recommend shopping around before you contact this vendor.
Review by Marcus J
August 24, 2018
My wife and I have talked in the past about going solar and not relying on fossil fuels to power our home, but we concluded that it just wasn’t financially feasible. Phoenix Clean Energy made it possible for us to afford it! They’ve been courteous from the consultation to the actual installation of the system. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied with our experience. I’m so glad that we went through them to realize our dream. Highly recommend!
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