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Preventative maintenance and emergency ac repairs are facts of life in Orlando, FL. We have been fixing, replacing and installing air conditioning units in Central Florida for over 25 years. We have experience, knowledge and professionalism unmatched by our competitors. Our huge warehouse facing I-4 near Downtown Orlando can help make your repairs a same day affair. If you need a part we usually already have it stocked and ready for you. Call us today for all your air conditioning company needs.

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Homeowner Reviews for ProMag Energy Group

33 reviews
Review by Deb R
October 26, 2020
I would like to share my experience about Chris Bronson of Promag Energy Group. Chris was very friendly, personable and acknowledgeable to deal with. He took time to explain exactly what we would be getting, called in to set up the financing and set up the delivery and men that would be installing unit all in the same day. We couldn't be more pleased and happy to having worked with Chris. It was an excellent experience.
Review by Scott C
October 22, 2020
Luis Torres was my Technician. Luis was courteous and completed his work in a timely fashion. Luis took the time to show me what he was doing and why he was doing it. I enjoyed my learning experience from Luis and would highly recommend him as a technician.. Thank you Luis!
Review by Jeremy A
October 8, 2020
A/C went out so I called ProMag. They sent out a technician who told me my thermostat was bad & needed to be replaced. Turned out this was false info. The technician from Promag energy group told me the reason my A/C went out was because my thermostat had broken. He wanted to replace it with his company's $250+ thermostat. I told him I'd just run down to Lowes and get the same model and pop off the thermostat and replace it with the new one. Since it was the exact same model, I didn't have to touch the wiring. However, when this didn't fix the issue the company told me that since I touched the wiring and "did it myself" that they would charge me another $105 service call plus the $250+ of installing their own thermostat since they don't work with other thermostats except their own. I called up American Air & Heat and their technician came out and used my old (supposedly broken) thermostat and fixed the issue. It wasn't broken after all it just had somehow gotten reset (most likely b/c of a power outage) to a setting that wasn't correct for the heat pump I had. He diagnosed the issue, set it to the right setting and everything has been working perfectly since! I called to see if they wanted to do the right thing and refund my money since the information they gave me was false. Fred, the manager, said he had to talk to the owner and then he gave me a call back the next day and said they could not refund the money. He said he doesn't know what happened after the technician left even though I have proof that what he told me (that the thermostat was bad) was flat out not true. In my view this is a terrible company with the bottom line to make money not to help their customers or do the right thing.
Review by Anonymous
September 5, 2020
Those guys serviced my AC yesterday and ripped me off big time. I researched them after the fact. 2 stars on Yelp. 42 negative reviews !! Just as many on Angie s list. Yet almost 900 stars reviews on Google !!!!!

You do the math. And you can count you know those guys are buying fake reviews on google as you can legally buy them.

Review by Anonymous
September 4, 2020
Tech came out and looked at my air handler $200 plus. They recommended we replace it and gave me a quote for the work and new unit, $3,800. Little did I know I could and did get a new unit for $750 and installation from another company for $750. That's more than 50% savings. Even after I told ProMag that I wasn't going to use their service and even before I paid their quote they were hounding me telling me their crew was loaded to come do the work and then later on called and said a tech was coming out to close out my permit so work could start. Very unprofessional and aggressive.

I would not recommend them, at all.
Review by James D
August 14, 2020
They installed the wrong unit on my house, I don't know anything about ac so I trust the pros, two years ago I had a broken coil and the only way for me to be able to afford the repair was to finance a whole new unit, the only way to survive working in a kitchen, driving a car without ac and all in the heat of Florida is to come home to a nicely cooled house, that's not a problem unless they give you a 2.5 ton when you need a 3.5 (I had another company come out and confirm) I payed for something I didn't get and all the while paying their fees to come tell me it's my ducts (also not true) save yourself some stress. This company seemed so helpful at first, I feel dumb but here to spread the word
Review by Anonymous
August 12, 2020
Just had the technician Juan C. come and service my ac unit. Very professional and courteous and did explain everything he did on the system. That's one thing I really appreciate that he took the time to talk to me about what's being done. Awesome tech and will request again if I need anymore work done in the future.
Review by Kipscarpe
July 29, 2020
If you like lemons you have come to the right spot. Look at Angie's list of reviews.
Nothing but problems from time of install to date.
Worst customer service communication ever seen.
Always tell you the manager will call hes busy on another call right now. Manager never calls.
Do yourself a favor stay away from this company. Again look at Angie's list of reviews. Reviews by customers not people that could be friends relatives or employees.
Review by Lisa
July 26, 2020
We woke up to our AC being out on a Saturday morning. Greg came out to diagnose the problem & then William came out with parts to make the repair. We were able to get the service done in a matter of hours which was much needed. Greg & William were both friendly & knowledgable. We were very pleased with the service. The person that took our information on the phone was extremely nice however we didn't get his name.
Review by Chelsea
July 8, 2020
I called with an emergency. my sister is 8 months pregnant and the heat has been unbreable. Tara was super informative and our technician Fred were perfect examples of professionals. Thank you Professional and your team is A+! Thanks to you all.
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