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The main focus at 1st Choice Home Improvements is to provide our customers with superior products and unsurpassed customer service at a fair price. We always ensure the highest standards of customer care are maintained without compromising integrity, honesty and respect for the consumer's property and well-being. We also continually commit ourselves to achieving customer satisfaction as our first and only choice. Now, let our Pensacola remodeling contractors get started with your next project and show you how we earned our flawless reputation.





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5 reviews
Review by william M
October 1, 2019
I spearheaded putting new roofs on mine and my 3 neighbors townhome and I am speaking on behalf of them, as well. I obtained estimates from 7 roofers and 1ST Choice Home Improvements came out on top. I personally oversaw the whole project to completion which was a pleasant experience as well as an educational one at that. All that was contracted was completed on time and in a very professional manner, including clean up and.....WE LOVE OUR NEW ROOFS!! 1ST Choice Home Improvements is a certified Owens Corning roofing product and each of the property owners was provided a 50 yr warranty on both materials and labor by Owens Corning, which is transferable one time to a new owner, which is a valuable asset to carry going forward. I very highly recommend 1ST Choice Home Improvements.

Mr. Morano
Review by Mike F
September 11, 2019
My wife is I'll and had great deficaulty with our bathtub/whirlpool. After a consultation with their representatives a walk in was eliminated
They re designed the area. Took out the old and brought in the new.
The workmanship was some of the best I have ever seen.Cleanliness was excellent.
Professionals in all areas from start to finish.
Review by Shane W
July 19, 2019
Since you decided to belittle my wife in your response to her review I decided to leave my feedback as well. You say we lack scientific evidence based on a regional average of what a bathroom remodel costs? Well, we have had 4 licensed contractors including yourself come out to quote our job. You are more than double than what they quoted. We have a 8x5 bathroom which is not your average size. To say it cost $18,500 is taking advantage of people that do not do their research. The guy you had come out didn't measure a single wall. He did not ask what we wanted done. He did not ask what material we wanted to use. He walked into the bathroom looked at it and within 2 minutes gives an outrageous quote. I do not recommend this company to anyone without doing your own research. Get a second quote.
Review by Laura W
July 17, 2019
To start off with my house is worth 150K. I asked for an estimate on a 5ft by 8ft bathroom. I needed an alcove tub surrounded by subway tile, a new toilet, vanity, etc. All of the products I wanted to use are moderately priced (nothing custom). He had a price within 30 seconds of looking at the bathroom, without knowing specifics on what I wanted. The price should be contingent on the specifications I have. He just had a bathroom remodel picked out in his head and told me a number. Lets get to the number he gave me for my moderately priced standard bathroom remodel in my 150K house. $18,000 dollars!!!!! Does this person think I am an idiot??! I understand labor is expensive but my materials alone will only cost $2,800. This company stands to make a $15,200 profit off of my tiny bathroom. This is literally criminal. I understand that the bathrooms the company makes are excellent quality, but lots of companies do amazing work for a fraction of the cost. I am so beyond insulted by this company and the man who came out to give my estimate. Also, he made me feel cheap for wanting to pick a $200 toilet from Lowes versus whatever toilet the company uses for $300. I will never recommend this company to anyone and actually I will let people know my terrible experience.
Review by Amy P
June 11, 2019
I recently had windows installed by 1st Choice Home Improvements. The windows look simply amazing! The overall process was good. The representative that came out was very knowledgeable about the windows and showed me things that other companies didn't even bother to explain. He was very patient because I had a lot of questions! The 2 guys that came out to install the windows did a really good job also! I was very concerned about the potential mess that was created as the old windows were removed, however, they were sure to clean up as they progressed from one opening to the next. Both my husband and I could tell an immediate difference that the windows made on the AC usage in our home. I was really skeptical on the impact the windows would have on our newer home (built in 2009), however, seeing is believing! The windows were everything that we were promised and more! I definitely recommend this company!
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