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Phoenix Windows and Doors are your partners in home improvement. With over 25 years in the industry as a general contractor, Phoenix owner, Gerry Reeder brings the experience to guide you through any project, regardless of how big or small. Phoenix specializes in impact windows and doors, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Using brands like Lawson, Shwinco, PGT, Assura Windows, and more, Phoenix only uses quality materials to ensure that your renovation project result is something that will bring you years of pride, safety and enjoyment, and that will stand the test of time. We are equipped to tackle stud-to-stud remodeling for your home or bath, and take great pride in doing the work ourselves, and in the quality of our workmanship.

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Homeowner Reviews for Phoenix Windows & Doors, Inc.

6 reviews
Review by Joe L
July 3, 2019
They offer wide selection, reasonably priced Impact Windows & Doors, with superb installation & quality service.
Review by Viola K
July 1, 2019
After many horrific experiences dealing with renovations my experience with Phoenix was a welcomed relief. Charles showed up on time for our appointment and explained all of what was to be expected throughout the process and it went exactly as he said. From HOA approval to inspection after the installation, every person that I spoke with there was helpful. They went above and beyond to help me. I would definitely use them again!
Review by Private P
May 14, 2019
Huge experience to share with the public. STOP right now, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They are incompetent at doing the job that you pay for. They are quick to take your money and give you false information as far as how they are going to fix their mistakes.If you try to get someone on the phone after they have taken your money, it is impossible!!! You can not get the owner on the phone. His name is Jeff Bush , unfortunately you will not get him on the phone. Instead you will get Taylor Bush , you are better off talking to the wall! He will not resolute any concerns you are experiencing, he will only tell you what he is not going to do. Trust me when I tell you, you will get better customer service at the Swap Shop!!! This company is the same business as Trend Transformation. They are not affiliates, it is the same company with the same owners. I posted this review as PRIVATE, because i will not accept some generic response from this company.
Review by M S
May 2, 2019
Too bad I can’t give a zero! Just goes to show you can’t always go by reviews .i called to book an appointment talked to this Jerk named “ Joe”... seems Joe is not a fan of woman and thinks they cannot make there own choices when it comes to impact windows. He asked me how long I owned the house and if I was married or single ... really? I said what difference does that make? He said oh you will want to have your husband or boyfriend there to help choose the windows.. I told him I can make my own decisions and will be paying cash. This guy is unprofessional and obviously doesn’t need the business. At that point I said you know what... cancel the appointment . Totally rude...
Review by Eli R
April 23, 2019
Both Diane and I wanted to thank everyone at Phoenix very much for your work! We are very happy with the results and it has been a pleasure working with all of you. There was always a sense that Diane and I were working with folks that really cared about the project and us too!!
Thank you all again and we look forward to the prospect of working with you all again in the future.

Diane and Eli Risorto
Review by Frank M.
February 11, 2019
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