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XLR8 Roofing and Construction, LLC, is a locally owned and operated company that values honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. Our dedicated team of professionals have many years of hands on experience, to provide innovative ideas and suggestions tailored to your projects. Our services are customized to your individual needs, paying close attention to the details of each project that we are involved with.

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Homeowner Reviews for XLR8 Roofing & Construction

10 reviews
Review by Carlene J
November 6, 2019
Don't bother to contact this company. I asked a representative to give us a quote on our roof repairs (nothing major). He came to assess but NEVER WOULD SEND A QUOTE despite multiple messages to him over a 2 week period of time.
I guess our job was too small for them! I cannot recommend them nor will I ever contact them again for any roof issues.
Review by Juanita W
November 4, 2019
I am 92 years old and am very thankful that Phillip Smock came by to help me with my roof. He has walked me thru the entire process and been very professional. They even helped me finance my deductible. Very happy with XLR8 Roofing for all they have helped with. God bless and hope you continue the good work.
Review by Dusty M
October 15, 2019
These Guys Put white shingles on my roof with out of sequence batch numbers, leaving 'Zebra Stripes" on a part of my roof. I noticed this immediately and notified my rep, who agreed there was a problem. They said it was defective shingles. After I paid what the contract stipulated, over $18,000.00, they came back and said I owed them $3080.0 more for carpentry work that was not in the contract. I told them that I would pay after my roof was fixed. During this negotiation they put a contractors lien on my house. BEWARE OF THESE GUYS!!
Review by William C
September 14, 2019
Phillip Smock has been very professional, easy to deal with and obviously knows the product and the insurance process. Though our roof won't be put on until next week, due to delays with 'Dorian' we feel certain that we will be very happy with the outcome, judging by Phillip's service and attention to the smallest detail. It has been a real pleasure dealing with him.
Review by Mike E
August 20, 2019
At first they were great, replaced our roof (shingles) and repaired 3 holes after Hurricane Michael, that was COMPLETED in mid December 2018. We hired a public adjuster mid Jan. 2019 for other repairs on the house, carpet, siding, patio, fence...nothing to do with the roof. We finally got a payout from the insurance company in July. Now all the sudden these leaches somehow think we need to pay them an additional 20,000 on top of the 13,000 we already paid them. So according to them this is gonna be a 33,000 shingle roof, not metal, but shingle.! Stay away from these people, they start great then they turn. If they keep insisting on more money, our next course of action is a call to the BBB.
Review by Gita T.
March 10, 2019
Review by Humphrey A.
February 6, 2019
Review by Ronald L.
February 6, 2019
Review by Michael R.
January 27, 2019
Review by Jimmy B.
January 6, 2019
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