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AG National is one of the fastest growing companies in the electrical services and maintenance market. From its inception, the company has successfully assembled its best in-class professional competence with a powerful business model, creating an evident edge over the competition. Today we are proud to be at the forefront of our practice areas, blazing new trails in our market.

AG National is renowned for its integrity, credibility and excellent performance. The company's success derives from our proven ability to provide highly professional solutions, working closely with each one of our clients to achieve the best possible results. Combining fresh thinking and superior understanding of our clients' specific needs, we have managed to break new grounds and lead the company to significant achievements.

AG National has managed to hire, train, and retain the best and most experienced engineers and technicians in the business, encouraging teamwork and total devotion. They are all certified and qualified to work on the most complex electrical projects. Utilizing the latest technology and working methods, our teams strive to offer unparalleled reliability with an outstanding customer service. These devoted and hardworking teams stand by to guarantee timely projects completion and full client satisfaction.

AG National vows to maintain its strong reputation and continue to provide its services by the highest ethical standards. Thank you for considering our services!

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Homeowner Reviews for AG National Electric

6 reviews
Review by Claire M
October 5, 2019
AG did a fabulous job for me at a very fair price.
Review by Jim R
September 10, 2019
We were excited to use this company as the salesman who sat in our dining room for two hours seemed to be much more knowledgeable than the others we had talked too. AG National suggested new attic insulation, a new pool pump and a new hot water heater to reduce consumption so that a smaller PV system would do the job of the much larger ones that other companies were suggesting.

We were assured that they had experience with permitting in our town and that the whole process would take 4-6 weeks max. What a joke.

It took AG National a month to submit the permit request, not unreasonable considering the engineering drawings that were required. Our city rejected that request on the same day, with clear instructions on how to properly submit the request. It took AG National another six weeks to get the permit requests submitted and approved.

When the installers finally showed up, the onsite supervisor was a joke. I can't even recall the number of Home Depot runs that were made, nor the hours that the crew sat idle, waiting on the supervisor to return with a part or some supplies.

Their plumber was an unlicensed journeyman who admitted he had very little experience with the type of hot water heater he was installing, and practically no experience with pool pumps. That showed when they had to rip out the new pool pump several times to redo the plumbing - it was sucking air so bad it wouldn't even prime - and while it does now work, it still has an air leak, and even though the company CEO has promised me it will be fixed - time is marching on and I still have an air leak.

I received more than one email from them about my situation - addressed to Dear Mr. (not my name). Their lack of attention to detail, their complete and abject failure at customer communications is enough to raise the blood pressure of a dead person.

Although the actual workmanship appears to exceed code and be superb, it failed inspections multiple times because they simply could not get the paperwork correct. When it finally did pass inspection - Hurricane Dorian decided to make an appearance, and delay the actual activation and commissioning. FPL gave us the "permission to operate" two days before the Hurricane.

I finally used the internet to research things, and downloaded the app and created an installer account and activated the system myself. Not rocket science, but probably beyond the scope of a lot of people who aren't very technical.

However, the electrician did not install the communications boards necessary for the system monitoring to work, I notified the company of this, but they still sent out an installer to "activate" the system - and he went away with his hands in his pockets saying he'd be back "soon" with the proper boards.

This company appears to be very green, with no one experienced at paying any attention to the customer experience. I'm sure that a few months from now I could be happy with my system, but I will remain forever unhappy with A.G. National and my experience with them.
Review by stephanie D
October 24, 2018
So happy I decided to go with AG National for my home improvements! Enjoyed dealing with everyone on the team from the office staff to the install crew! Very knowledgeable and quick turn around. Will definitely be using them again for anything I need!
Review by Yvonne M
October 3, 2018
Very disappointed in the customer service and how the lack of communication from the phones reps is handled . After speaking with the Owner our money was refunded he was very friendly and helpful with this situation. I have to appreciate a man that takes the extra step to make sure his customers are satisfied. Thank You Anthony!!!!!
Review by M J
July 31, 2018
Don't waste your time. After 1 week of back and forth, this company told me they would send out a tech on a Thursday afternoon. The tech did not show up. Then I was told he would show up Friday morning. No show. Then I called on Monday to see what was going on and the office manager told me they could not come out this week because they were too busy.
Review by Kevin R.
May 15, 2019
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