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Homeowner Reviews for Florida Home Improvement Associates

106 reviews
Review by Rog W.
March 2, 2021
He had me hooked as soon as he walked in the door and said. With our windows you will never spend another knickle on them.
Review by Marlon M.
December 3, 2020
So far the rep was very informative and the company looks very professional.
Review by Pepe P.
March 24, 2020
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Review by iony V
October 29, 2019
So they found us one day going door to door. We had been considering getting shutters as we had just bought our house and had no hurricane protection what so ever on the house right in the middle of hurricane season. Robert our consultant is amazing he was friendly and answered any questions we had. He has always been available when we need him before during and after. Now for the install it came far faster than we expected as the parts came quickly. They scheduled us for like two days after they called we had expected to have to wait. We did 8 windows and the installers were so fast in efficient they would have had it all done in one day if it hadn't rained. They came the next day to finish up. Frank the head of installation was nice and funny making me enjoy the process.

They really do all they can to contain the mess and help you clean. But do expect a layer of dust that cant be helped. They move all the furniture for you without complaint you dont have to lift a finger. We do have dogs, cats, and even snakes. They worked with us through it all, I was worried our pets would be a bother but they were petting them every chance they got.

Shout out to Robert and Frank as you both made the process fun and easy. We are so happy with the product, they check it and come back to fill any gaps. Our electricity bill has gone down significantly.

We are so happy were now getting a sliding glass door from them.
Review by Donna K
October 12, 2019
Michael O’Connor came out to our house today for a scheduled appointment and we were very impressed with his knowledge of the products. He was very informative and extremely thorough. He left no stone unturned and answered every question we had. He made sure that we understood everything and were comfortable with the decisions that we made. He also didn’t try to “oversell” the job. We have the utmost confidence that our job will be handled quickly and professionally!
Review by Alma
October 5, 2019
Before you decide to overpay for subpar work, ask yourself how much of your valuable time are you willing to throw away dealing with this company. The sales pitch was excellent.. and I initially exchanged a positive review for a “discount”. I wish I never did. I won’t go into too many details about the substandard workers, (some of whom weren’t even employees of the company), and craftsmanship.. or the 11 visits to my home to perform work.. or the 4 failed inspections, because it would be too much to catalogue. Truth is you can just buy impact windows from any retailer, and hire some craftsmen to install them and it would be a fraction of the cost, and a fraction of the headache. A great deal of what you pay for with this company is the “lifetime guarantee”. Which they do indeed stand behind.. however i understand why. It’s because it’ll take them a lifetime just to get the job right! Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money. Don’t buy into the BS. It will cost you more than just dollars.

-Customer in Miami (purchased 10 windows at 24k dollars).
Review by Julie S
September 22, 2019
They sent out a kid to quote us on windows and doors. He had a kind of flip book to walk him through a presentation. He thought the warranty was essentially good forever and he only had some basic understanding of the product he was selling along with zero construction knowledge. I don't think he ever acknowledged windows before he got this job. He insisted that I was required to have impact resistant in my area which is not true. Again no knowledge of his business. No ability to think or reason. We had him call someone for an answer and he did not understand the question enough to ask it properly and then person on the other end of the call was so unprofessional that he confirmed that we were not going to even get to a quote. Had to ask him to leave several times. He didn't even have a card. They wasted my time.
Review by Fitz L
September 13, 2019
Kory was excellent! Through and professional and he left us feeling very confident about our safety and investment. We highly recommend his services. I was skeptical at first, but kory understands and knows his product. He left us with a greater understanding and we definitely appreciate that. Thank you very much. Sincerely, fits and Della
Review by Bob S.
August 25, 2019
Modernize Verified Job
Excellent product and presentation. I will be scheduling an installation.
Review by Martin P.
July 24, 2019
Modernize Verified Job
Led me through the whole sales thing. They have a minimum of 5 Windows. Could've at least asked 1st before dragging me through the whole thing
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