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Solar USA

  • 10 Years in Business

About Solar USA

At Solar Choice USA, we provide renewable energy solutions for our residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. We are dedicated to energy, to sustainability, to our environment and to our region.




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Homeowner Reviews for Solar USA

5 reviews
Review by MrLewis
February 5, 2020
I have been dodged and ignored ever since the lying salesman took our deposit. Signed contract in Sept 19. Promised a 10 week install date. It's now February and still haven't been installed. Avoid this company.
Review by Gretchen V.
December 1, 2019
I was told that the system would pay for itself but that was total bs. The system I purchased will produce only 800 KWH's per month and that equates to $80 at most. I use 1,400/mo and it is closer to 200/mo. So paying $215/ month for the system and getting at most (only June and July) $80 worth of power leave me with a much higher electric bill than I had before I had the system installed. They installed the electric panel upside down! They told me it was monitored 24/7 but never gave me any manual or materials to know how it all works. It took me 5 months for them to give me a link to get on Len to monitor the system myself! The manufacturer was sympathetic and gave me the info I never received. They also installed the panels on only one roof and never did a site analysis that makes the system less than 50% efficient. As a retired person on a fixed income, I now have to keep my heating system off and use a space heater in one room to keep the electric bill down. My system provides less than 30% of my power use, and only about 10% in November and December due to the neighbor's trees which block the sun. They apparently never did a site analysis to determine that my home is not very good for solar panels. I'll be negotiating with Solar Chouce and with Dale Cardwell who supports this co and may eventually sue them if they do not rectify the problems. They all sound so concerned and genuine, but it's apparently an act. I made a BIG mistake using Solar Choice. I hope they will change their deceitful practices and rectify my situation so I will eventually be able to recommend their services.
Review by Michael R.
October 3, 2019
We paid over $20,000 cash and they will not finish the job. Anne and Faye lie and say the guys are coming out and never show up, they was suppose to submit the permits the next day after signing up and they didn't do it until they took all our money, the guy at the electric company even told me good luck getting them to finish. We have a roof covered in solar panel for weeks and they don't even work. This is the absolute worse company to deal with. And don't believe the weasel of a salesman that promises things and never fulfilled. He said this install would be complete in 6 weeks, been 12, said the solar panels store energy and we wouldn't need a battery because he said the new panels don't need a battery because they store energy, said he would give us a free attic fan that runs off solar and never got that, they never once return a call, Anne promised a gift card weeks ago for the inconvenience to go out to eat and never sent it. The inspector failed our solar panels. So not only do you fight the electric company which is Republican run and we all know how they feel about solar but you fight the solar company. They will lie, cheat, steal. I warn anyone that deals with this company you will be screwed. Guaranteed!
Review by olihar2 ..
September 16, 2019
We were told by the salesman that our bill would all but disappear. After spending thousands of dollars, our bill has gone UP every month. We've been calling the company for months and and all they do is promise to come out to take a look at things and they never do. They dont even bother to call us back. HORRIBLE!!!! STAY AWAY!! Do your research. These folks took our money then disappeared. House full of Solar panels and still getting a high electric bill.
Review by Larry M.
April 16, 2016
Josh and his team are the best electricians I know. I've had my solar tracker for over 3 years and its keeps savings us money. I'm impressed with how hard they work and keep checking on our system. Excellent Service.

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