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MOXIE was founded in 2008 out of a desire to bring new energy options to the country and to help educate people about the many benefits of solar energy and electric vehicles. Since then, MOXIE has grown to be the United States' leading provider of solar energy solutions for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications. With over 1,500 successfully completed projects and predominantly 5-star customer reviews, we're proud of our role in creating a more sustainable future for our clients and our world.

MOXIE stands apart from the competition with in-house solar experts that make the process of going solar quick and easy. Not only do we focus on solar education before sales, but we are the only solar company in the nation with a Rapid Installation Team (R.I.T.). This team of specialized solar experts makes the process of going solar lighting fast, without ever sacrificing quality, customer service, and attention to detail. With our real-time protocol, we have a laser focus on every customer's "Solar Experience" and using our unique virtual processes, the MOXIE R.I.T. can install your system up to three times faster than the national average! This means you start saving green and being green faster than ever before. MOXIE is also proud to offer a special solar discount program for Healthcare Professionals, First Responders, and Active-Duty/Veteran Military and Reserves members. Call us today to learn more or to schedule a free, no-obligation virtual consultation!

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Promotions offered by Moxie Solar

Special Offer
Military Discount
Near "at cost" home solar panel installations and immediate $1,000 upon signing
Call or fill out the form on our website
Terms & conditions
honor system, ongoing
Special Offer
Healthcare Worker Discount
Near "at cost" home solar panel installations and immediate $1,000 upon signing
Call or fill out the form on our website
Terms & conditions

Homeowner Reviews for Moxie Solar

7 reviews
Review by Aron H
September 13, 2019
So our experience with Moxie was not smooth. There were many obstacles that made the road bumpy to say the least. Not all turned out positively. That being said, Moxie took what happened seriously and made every effort to make things right with our system. Unfortunately they had sub contracted our install to a local company who was not as concerned with quality as Moxie is. After it was all said and done Moxie had to send out their own people to completely rebuild our system. I know things don't always go as planned. I understand and am OK with that. What sets companies apart is how they respond to these challenges. Moxie stepped up to the plate and did what they could to correct the situation. It was a long hard road but we are finally up and running properly. Moxie really does take things to heart and seemed very sincere when speaking with us about our issues. The people who we interacted with were also top notch. All very nice and pleasant. They really appeared to want to help us and make sure we were happy with our experience.
Review by ad M
August 31, 2019
They make it easy. Wonderful staff and someone always in communication with us. Great experience.
Review by Don J
August 22, 2019
Shopping for information on solar energy and was contacted by Rob Dietrich of Moxie Solar. He spent about 2 hours the first visit explaining all about solar energy, the company, himself and patiently answered many questions i asked. There was never any pressure to get me to agree to solar energy, let alone to sign up with Moxie. I felt pretty well informed on the process and benefits by the time he left. i prayed on this for a few days and talked to my wife about it as well, then called Rob back and got the ball rolling. When he returned to start the process of paperwork, panel selection and more, we spent a good 3 hours, but some of that was due to the US Women soccer team playing:)).
My experience with Rob has been awesome throughout, and several weeks after the install, i still reach out to him for answers and he always responds within the hour if not sooner.
Rich did the final walk through and he also spent time with me setting up the system and links on my computer and phone. Rich was great, very knowledgeable and patient, answering more questions from me.
All in all, the entire process lasted a few weeks but more importantly, throughout I always felt comfortable and knowing I was dealing with reputable people with integrity and ethics.
Thank you Moxie team here in Round Rock, thank you Rob for your friendship and support and thank you Rich for your time and patience.
I highly recommend Moxie Solar!!!
Review by Kallee D
May 6, 2019
I worked at Moxie Solar for over a year, and I continue to recommend the company to everyone I know who is considering solar power! They make the complex process of installing solar panels very easy for the customer, and you can rely on the quality of their work. Moxie is the best solar installer in the Midwest; it's also a unique and special place to work. The employees are dedicated and knowledgeable, and the company and managers have strong values. They truly care about the environment, their customers, and their employees. I am very glad to have worked for Moxie Solar and I will certainly choose Moxie when I have solar panels installed on my own home or business.
Review by Molly Y
February 18, 2019
Great experience with all parts of the solar installation on our house. We had recently remodeled, including putting on a new roof and an addition. Nothing seemed to be standard, but Moxie found a way to make it work in a timely manner. Wonderful experience all the way around!
Review by Waldemar K.
April 13, 2019
Review by Romin C.
April 2, 2019
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