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Best Heating & Cooling is a Family owned and operated business that strives to be the best of the best. You have a HVAC emergency? We can be there in an hour!

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Homeowner Reviews for Best Heating & Cooling

8 reviews
Review by Michael C
January 29, 2020
Mike is always willing to go the extra mile in order to make sure his customers are very happy and satisfied with the tremendous work he puts in day and night. Loyalty and honesty is what Best Heating & Cooling is all about, i highly recommend calling them if you have any problems with your Furnace or AC!
Review by Steven R
January 28, 2020
When our furnace went out, we called Best HVAC and they came and completed the repair in no time! Mike, their lead tech is a great guy and clearly knows what he's doing. I highly recommend this company.
Review by Sharon S
January 27, 2020
I am a senior citizen living in a mobile home. There are few people that will work on old units. My condenser went out on my air conditioner. This sets outside, independent of unit. The price of a condenser without labor is 2,000 dollars and up. Best Heating knew I was desperate. He hunted around and found me a used one ,and installed for 700 dollars. That was 5 years ago. Still works great,! Mike is awesome.
Review by John L
February 11, 2019
Mike is awesome! We lost our furnance in the middle of a cold wave. Mike showed up at 10:30 pm and identified the issue, and returned the following morning with the parts. The other people I called had not even responded until after Mike fixed the issue. He is great, and very professional. He also replaced my daughter's furnance when hers went out in -60 degrees wind chill. The Best!
Review by onnie W
December 3, 2018
Hired Best Heating to move ductwork up out of the way of the remodeling. Plus install an AC Unit (which again was done wonderfully).The ductwork, heater and thermostats were installed 1 year ago. However, the technicians were told NOT to remove the current dampers, and to Leave the brand new thermostats that were installed which were special ordered and to leave two thermostats for zone heating. That did not happen we now have no zone heating, original dampers taken and thermostats removed. OK, not a problem, called Mike and Kelly and they said no problem we will drop everything off this week. It is now almost 2 months. I had to reorder thermostats so at least the upstairs can control the thermostat downstairs. Almost daily calls go unanswered to them. Now to boot, I went to file with ComEd for our rebate (they said they were on the list) and they are NOT. So now we are out of our rebate money for the new AC unit. So, if you can deal with wonderful work and watch them, and I mean WATCH them every second so they don't remove or do something that isnt needed. Then hire them by all means.
New information I finally got a chance to fly and look at the work. If I could give a zero I would. They REMOVED the register from the bathroom. Really are you kidding? So no heat in the bathroom.
And now it hasn't passed inspection by the Village.
Review by Christopher C
November 1, 2018
Mike is a spectacular worker he was punctual and did a fine job and even gave us tips to everlast the life of our furnace hands down best seevice
Review by David H
July 2, 2018
I walked into my house to see that the thermostat was reading 80...I did a search and came across this company.

When I called and they were very pleasant on the phone and told me they could have a technician over within the hour.

To my surprise the technician Mike was there within 30 minutes.

Mike was attentive, friendly and within a minute figured out what was wrong and how to fix our AC unit.

We cannot thank you guys enough for the fast service!
Review by Do
February 9, 2018
Very happy to have found Mike at Best Heating & Cooling! Highly recommended - very professional, honest, and trustworthy. He was able to make it out for same day service for our furnace and got it up and running quickly. Will only be using their services for our heating and cooling needs moving forward.
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