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Review by Rebecca W
October 17, 2019
So many of these reviews are fake...I'm sure. We had to wait over 6 months to get the job started. The workers were nice enough and worked efficiently, but they were sent to our home with an inadequate 2 wheel drive truck which when full of concrete got stuck in our yard! They had to call a tow truck to pull them out! The workers did there best to apologize and fix the yard, but the company did little to make it better. Now over six months after install we have dealt with a bit of water and constant error beeps every 24 hours! Suprise, suprise no one is available to deal with our call "they will call us back within 24hrs..." yeah it's been weeks of multiple calls and nothing! So much for our lifetime warranty, less than a year in and we can't get anything resolved! Feeling like we threw away almost $10,000.00 and have a torn up basement to show for it! Not happy!
Review by Marcus S
October 9, 2019
Unique Home Solutions came out to give me a roof replacement estimate due to hail damage. After being at my house for 2 hours and a long sales pitch on roof materials and their 50 year warranty plan, Michael gave me an estimate of $47,160 to replace my roof and $11,785 to replace my gutters, totaling $58,945. This is not a typo...My house is 3109 sq ft. Beware...
Review by R V
October 4, 2019

A salesman came to our house claiming to be working on one of our neighbors houses and he told me that he was supposed to tell everyone in the neighborhood that he was there because they had gotten over 60 complaints in the past year from our area about their company.

He stated our neighbors that they were working on by name but those neighbors have not lived in that house for some time now. They are clearly not actually working on the house.

He told me that he was not a solicitor but asked intrusive questions about my family and our house. After I told him that I was not interested in his sales pitch he then tried to show me something on a clipboard about their prices to which I told him I was not interested.

I have contacted our HOA board that also has no idea who this person is and further I contacted the police to advise them of suspicious people in the area as we have had some thefts recently and we are not sure if this is even a legit company.

Please do not solicit to people in neighborhoods where there are specific signs that state no soliciting; you will continue to have complaints lodged against you and you will have police reports filed on you as well.

If you really want to make a change, do it. Stop soliciting. Stop annoying people. If someone really needed your services they would come to you. I don't need someone to come to my door to sell me electronics, I know which stores sell them and go there. Change your marketing department and MAYBE you will get more business.

I am expecting to get some standard boilerplate answer from them about how this has been passed up to management or that they will do better or that they're trying to fix issues or something like that which will only prove that they do not care and that whoever runs their media or social media page is instructed to issue responses as such. Your move Unique.

EDIT: Original post on 10/3/19; response from social media teama on 10/4/19. As expected, a standard answer from their social media team apologizing. I don't want an apology from you. I want your company to stop harassing people by going door-to-door. Let your business speak for itself. If people loved your work and your products then you wouldn't need to go door-to-door to try to peddle them. As is pretty obvious for the reviews on Google, your products are very overpriced and the work the company performs is shoddy at best and you clearly do not clean up after yourselves. Do a better job, be a better company and business will come to you.
Review by Dale R
August 27, 2019
Waited for appointment on service guy, then within 2 days another person calls and said we are not making appointment, we found paper we going to order window then we will call you to send guy out to fix problem, o by the way we will want 91.00 trip charge to come out, which was never stipulated on lifetime contact and, legal paperwork. ..When purchased...So, lost days work more than 91.00 but they guess never thought about inconvenience of lifetime Customer! !
Review by ROBERT C
July 22, 2019
EDIT: Down to 1 star due to Unique's canned response to this review. We get it, you "escalated" it to management. For those interested in knowing what that means - it means I get a call from Unique asking for future work and assuring that they'll apply a "discount." Laughable and pathetic.

Caveat - the installation crew was exceptional, and the final product was exactly what we wanted. We are happy with the end result.

However, every other aspect of having Unique install our sliding door was poor, at best. Both the salesman and the verifier quoted 6-8 weeks in April - it wasn't installed until July (that's 13 weeks, Unique). During that time, we had complete radio silence from Unique. It was only after my second call that the door magically appeared that day in the warehouse, and they got me on schedule. They also made zero calls the day prior and the day of installation - they just showed up in the morning.

Finally, upon trying to make my final payment, Unique attempted to draw from my bank, but it was denied due to daily limits. Rather than informing me of this, Unique made multiple, smaller charges to my bank account, WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

Poor communication, blown expectations on installation, and making multiple charges to a customer's bank without consent, this should tell you everything you need to know about giving Unique your business.
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