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About Midwest Roofing

Midwest Roofing is a local veteran, and family owned business since 2007.
You can count on us to be on-time and very responsive to your needs every time.
We are licensed, insured and State Registered to provide all of your roofing needs both Residential and Commercial.
We are a proud BBB endorsed roofing company and strive for absolute customer satisfaction.
"When you want the Best, Call Midwest"

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  • Accepts Emergency Requests
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8:00AM – 5:00PM
8:00AM – 5:00PM
8:00AM – 5:00PM
8:00AM – 5:00PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Midwest Roofing

5 reviews
Review by Rita P
May 23, 2019
Working with this company was amazing. My roof had been replaced by the company's previous owners and when I needed some work done. I tried to contact the company, not knowing it had new owners. One of the new owners, Rick, saw my email, called and left a message and then arrived on my doorstep asking how he could help.

The company replaced the gutters and downspouts and corrected a run-off problem. To my delight, they power-washed and stained the fences, porch railings and beams. They also did some exterior painting and various other things. Having all these tasks done by one company was a blessing and a time saver.

Rick was very accommodating, Carlos, the supervisor was very good to communicate and stop by to check on the work and Jorge, who did most if the work, was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with.

Give this business a call...you won't be disappointed.
Review by Jeffrey S
August 30, 2018
The new owners are amazing. I had such a great experience working with them. Best roofers in the area hands down!
Review by Jo
August 29, 2017
Where do I start...

The bid process was great. I received a very competitive quote on an old home (1909) that probably had not had the roof fully replaced, in 50 years - actually, there were 4 layer piled on. During the process, I had several bids submitted. Well, one bid (not going to name the company) noticed I had received a bid from Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems/Roof-Tech and gave me the ominous warning to stay away. I laughed it off and thought is was just a sales guy attempting to win the bid. i actually shared this information with the rep at MLRS and noted I couldn't believe anyone would stoop to that level to win a bid. Well, I was wrong...

After closing on the home (45 days later) I emailed the rep to if the bid was valid, or if I needed a re-quote as it's clear bids are only valid for 30 days. I was told (8/3) all was well and although busy, I could get my roof completed the week of 8/14.

I reach out two additional times prior to 8/14 to ensure we were still on track and received confirmation (not, this is were the timing issues started to occur as it took a couple of days to received an email response) that we were all set.

August 14th nothing. I followed up with a message to the rep stressing the importance of timing as other projects needed to be completed. He noted that someone would be out in a couple of days and they were running behind. August 18th... nothing.

At this point I was in contact with the owner of the company. Guess what, nothing! I this point I'm thinking I should have taken heed to the advise to go with ANYONE but Midwest as noted by the other company. In discussing with my contractor, I was told that a guy appeared on 8/21 to view the job. Told my contractor he was NOT going to due to the job as he was not going to tear off the quoted 4 layers of roof.

I again stressed the issues with timing only to be told a crew would be there 8/23. Nothing, again. After delivering the information to Mark, I was told another crew would be Friday 8/25.

Finally, there was a crew there! Now, this is were things get good. However, it has NOTHING to do with Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems or Roof-tech.

Arriving at my home, I noticed two individuals on my roof getting to work. To my pleasant surprised, it was two ladies kicking tail and taking names on those four layers of roof! Nanci, owner of Alvarado Roofing had come down to introduce herself. She noted the job had been contracted out to her.

I'll bring this really long review to a close. Nanci and her crew did a terrific job on the roof. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great price, great work and timeliness.

Regarding MLRS, you may want to pass. Know, you will get a good price. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
Review by uce R
July 5, 2017
It took months to install. No one knew how to install it. They were supposed to start at the back and work toward the front so they wouldn't have to walk over the new roof over and over, but the first day they started at the front, so they worked front to back. One of the ridge lines was just a mess. They finally redid it. They tried to install the edges with one end on one shingle and the other end on the next shingle showing a 1 inch gap. I explained how to install it right, but they insisted they were followimg the instruction manual. They finally showed me the manual, and it showed how to install it exactly as I showed them. I had to show them how to finish the corners. And the first time it rained, it poured into our laundry room and they had to fix that. I now looks nice, but we have to power wash the edges because the rough gritty ends get a thick crust if fungus in just a few months.
Review by David H
June 27, 2017
I am absolutely delighted with my steel shingles. I have had countless compliments on the new roof, and most people are completely surprised when I tell them that it is a 100 year steel roof. It looks so much like a standard shingle roof, that most can't tell the difference. I, myself, didn't even know these types of roofs were out there until i was researching options when I needed a new roof. I was looking for longevity, and didn't particularly like the look of the ribbed steel roofs. Didn't really want my house to look like a machine shed. I was able to look at several different installs, including a competing brand of shingle, before I settled on the roof that I chose. Was even able to talk personally with a previous customer, and found how thrilled they were with their new roof, as well as the seamless install process. Everything from the original sales/purchase, install, and clean-up went flawlessly with my new roof. I am 100% satisfied with the quality of the product and the workmanship of the install crew. I wish more people would consider this type of roof when needing a roof system, as this would save them dollars over time, not having to keep replacing their roof every so many years, and save tearing off old roofs and sending them to the landfill. Yes, the original upfront cost may be more, but considering you will never have to replace your roof again, you will end up with a way more cost effective roof over time, and of course, the priceless benefit of not filling our landfills needlessly, for our kids and grand-kids to deal with later. LOVE IT!
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