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My dad was a plumber and ever since I can remember I was learning all about plumbing. I'll never forget my 6th birthday, my parents gave me a tool box filled with the tools of the trade . . . multi-use single seat wrench, heavy duty pipe wrench, Bonnet nut wrench, dry cut saw and more. Before long I was repairing leaking faucets, installing toilets, and sinks around the house. As I got older I worked side-by-side with my dad, learning the trade from one of the best in the business.In 1983, I decided to start my own plumbing business, just me, a truck and all the tools of the trade. I built my business on the values I learned from my father . . . treat your customers with respect, take care of their needs with the very best work and materials . . . and deliver on your promises.

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Homeowner Reviews for Bob Hamilton Plumbing and Heating

5 reviews
Review by Ale
November 1, 2019
Thank you very much for your service. Jeff and KJ were amazing. They explained how the system works to the point I can understand it easily. They completed the job as scheduled. Really great customer service! I like to say thank you to Chris (sales person) who help me all the pricing and installation set up. Once again, you guys are really great, easy people to do business with. Your company will be first in line to consider when I change my AC. Thank you, and keep the great work.
Review by Ja G
October 25, 2019
Alan Garcia is an outstanding technician! He listens to the customer and treats them honestly. I am impressed by his technical expertise, how he can explain what's going on in words I understand, and the positive way he interacts with the customer's family (and pets!). I can recommend him with five stars.
Review by Rich W
October 21, 2019
Justin your tech was very professional and very thorough. The time he took for safety checks on the system were much appreciated. Work was done on a system that was 8 years old and purchased through Bob Hamilton. All labor and parts were covered for a smooth transaction. Next time I call I'm asking for Justin he was good.
Review by patrick M
October 15, 2019
Took two visits to get the line cleaned out all the way. First tech made one pass and stated it was clear, removed about a handful of roots. Video tech comes out next day says it's still not cleared, which I knew because of past problems with the line. It always takes 3 to 4 passes. Sent out another tech later in the day he made 4 passes and removed about half of a 5 gallon bucket from the line. Everything seems to be working fine now. Best price in town, very friendly employees.
Review by Patrick C
October 11, 2019
My Good Opinion of Them Has Been Damaged

My furnace failed to start this season. A $79 service fee produced the diagnosis of a failed control board. I was quoted a price for parts and labor to replace that board at $1300, and there were a lot of other options that could change that, depending on whether or not the old one was still under manufacturer's warranty or not, and whether or not I'd want to buy into their "give us $9.95 per month forever and we'll knock 15% off this price" deal. Please see the attached scan of my proposal.

I related my experience to others, and found out that I could get a board for my particular furnace locally in Kansas City, and *for under $40* (Internet search and a couple of phone calls). I'd been quoted $573.89 for a new board by Bob Hamilton Heating and Cooling since mine was no longer under warranty. That means that I was going to be charged over $700 for all the rest of the job minus the part that they would order and provide. The online friend who pointed out to me that it was both cheap and easy to do went and got the board, brought it here, installed less than an hour of total time at my house.

Let me say that I've used Bob's plumbing services for years now, and have been very satisfied. We had them service our AC unit a couple of years ago (the outside AC unit tied to the same HVAC system housing our furnace), and we were very satisfied and even slightly impressed with the result and the final cost. However, at this point, I'm unlikely to use them again based on this recent attempted financial exploitation.

Do your research folks. I gave them a 2 out of 5 because I don't want them to feel slandered overall and end up being sued...yes, that happens in the brave new world of the Internet...and I've gotten otherwise decent results with them.
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